Learn the different mechanisms to deal with null elements

One of the most annoying aspects in writing code in Java is dealing with null elements. Having to place null check conditions everywhere just to make our code null-safe is something that probably most of us have suffered quite often.

Kotlin provides different mechanisms to help solve this problem. …

Besides being the first choice for Android development, it has so much more to offer

Playing cards

If you’re a software developer or any kind of professional working in the IT sector, you’ve probably heard of the Kotlin language.

Kotlin language has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity among developers in the industry in the last four years. Among its benefits, its supporters enumerate its…

JVM, Kotlin, and where Java is going beyond 2020

There’s always been a considerable level of criticism against Java from a big sector of our industry. This criticism has been mostly focused on Java’s verbosity and the amount of boilerplate code it generates in many cases without need. Although I’ve always liked Java, I couldn’t say that these allegations…

Why you’re likely wrong about what makes great programmers

Multiple times many of you might have wondered what makes someone a good software engineer. In most cases, there’s a tendency to think that having an intelligence way above the average is the only way to be a good software engineer. I’ll tell you one thing, that’s totally wrong!


How to use different design patterns with functional programming in Java

Recently we started a journey through functional programming in Java with my articles “A new functional Java style” and “Mastering the new functional Java.”

Now that we have a basic understanding about functional programming and what Java brings to us, I think it’s time to see how we can apply…

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