Today I proved myself the consummate professional.

I work with the public, something relatively new for me. The public, make no mistake, is a pain in the ass.

This individual, to whom I was being much more helpful to than I was obliged, announced as I confirmed her address “You may have heard of [town].” I had not. “Why would that be?” I responded. “Well, our town was instrumental in Trump’s win of [state]. And I’m proud!”

I’m aware of when my teeth clench, the temporalis muscles flanking my face make fists that push the arms of my eyeglasses outward.

“Oh, I see” I said or something equally inane, then went cheerfully on with what needed to be done.

To get a paycheck. More importantly, to keep my health insurance.

By way of self-reassurance I tell myself that what she wanted was reinforcement and I provided exactly none. What I did do, and all I did, was dodge the bait.

Which makes me wonder all the more about these Trump voters. Are they so bereft of approval, so insecure about their boy they have to troll customer service slaves for high fives?

Call me a clone, a cog, a “customer facing” voice for corporate greed and disinterest, but I watched these angry, petty people take my country.

I’ll be damned if they take my job.

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