Mentions of Time Travel and Time Dilation in Hindu mythology.

Lord Brahma (The God Of Creation) | Representative image.

Time dilation is a concept that stems from Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Some of us have heard or know about it already, for those who haven't, here's what it means- due to differences in the gravitational field in different regions of the universe time tends to flow differently. It flows slower for regions of space having a strong gravitational field and faster in other places.

Just like in the movie Interstellar.

On Miller's Planet - Cooper, Brand and Doyle go in search for Dr. Miller and her probe and had to experience time dilation of a severe magnitude because of…

I might have the answer now.

Representative Image: Father & Son | PascalCampion | DevianArts

Is it when he reaches 18 years or age ? Is it the beard ? Is it the brawn ? Or is it the loss of child like innocence ?

When I was in highschool, I had a friend of mine who was pretty much like any other teenager — Carefree, Oblivious to the harsh ground realities of life and living in his own utopia, created by his loving parents for him.

Parents give us the best of what they can & we find much comforts in the warmth of our homes — in the assurances of our future bread…

Who Am I? | Johnhain | Pixabay

Who Am I ?

The great warrior Theseus set out on a voyage at the high seas to reach the land of evil Minotaur and slay him.

Picture by Matt McGuire on Unsplash

We like to believe that we’re free willed animals, we do what we “choose” to do & that whatever we believe in has a strong reasoning and rational thinking to back it up.

What you’re about to read will change all of that & for good.

Before we get started, here are a few basics that you need to grasp first. They’ve been explained briefly below.

  1. Epilepsy: It is a medical condition where the neurons in the patient’s brain start firing in an undesirable and an uncontrolled fashion. The person looses consciousness and may suffer seizures. Mild cases are treated with medications. The disease can be debilitating for some individuals.
  2. Corpus Callosum: It is a band of white fibres that connects the two hemisphere (the right and the left) of the brain and enables them to communicate to each other. …

Representative image | Pexels | Pixabay

Never in a billion years could they've expected this.

Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India 1959

The Pathaks entered the Mishra houseold with some ten odd townsmen to accompany them and help them in testing Swarnlata’s memory.

It took Swarnlata no time to quickly identity her eldest brother in the crowd, to which she exclaimed — “Babu!”

Babu was what Biya and the rest of the family members used to call him.

She again went around the room, looking at everyone’s face and trying to identify who’s who.

Her eyes fell on Sri Chintamani Pandey, to which she reacted by lowering her head and blushed and then speaking his name out.

Sri Chintamani Pandey was Biya’s…

John and Julia | Representative image | Lorraine Christine, Pinterest

The tragic tale of John and Julia.

16yrs ago.

John was a 16yrs old lad, 5’7" tall, fair, good hair, a fine sense of dressing if you will.

He had a best friend — Mitt.

Mitt and John had been together since ages. They lived in the same neighborhood and had gone through everything together- thick and thin.

And then there was Amber, Amber was Mitt’s girlfriend and a close friend to John.

The trio was sitting in the playground during afternoon hours, having their lunch & goofing around when Mitt pointed out to a girl in the corner of the playground, sitting alone and said “check out that…

Photo by Carlos Ibáñez on Unsplash

To vote or not to vote? Should that be a question?

N.B. : This article requires the reader to keep an impartial and acceptant mind.

The notion of democracy being a spiffing idea is inculcated in almost all of us since birth. Be it school, society or mainstream media, democracy is painted in all shades of white and coated with all flavours sweet.

We are brought up being told that democracy, in it’s current form is the way governments must be and most of us seldom contemplate upon it.

But what if we did ?

Come 375 BCE, Athens, ancient Greece.

Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

Get your spirits on with

Understanding the struggles was never so easy.

So you tried hard for something worthy in your life and you failed in it and That’s Okay. Failure strikes the best of us.

Here’s a list of all the times we tried going to the Mars and failed:

Over-achievers aren’t common in any part of the world and if we (the normal Homos) don’t have an extraordinary IQ, well it’s not our fault. Is it?

That’s the consolation you needed.

Moving on, Take a look at this

Image credit: alan_T at Pinterest.

It was a fine autumn evening that day.

I was all by myself beneath a tree and a book in my hand.

The weather was nice and it was pleasantly warm that particular day. I remember.

The evening sun was soothingly shining and sinking at the same time.

I was getting drowsy and decided to close my eyes for a while.

“Excuse me.. what is this ?”

A voice reached my ears. I opened my eyes to look who’s calling but couldn’t find anyone.

“Down here Mr. ..”

I looked at the book and there it was, a tiny black…

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