Senator Warren,

If the
Texas Democratic primary were held today, you would have my vote.

I have watched with interest and growing admiration as you’ve worked your tail off on the campaign trail, talking to people, sharing your story, outlining your plans and showing the American people exactly what kind of detail should be communicated about what a candidate for the highest office in the land intends to do with the power we entrust them with.

I cannot recall being more impressed with a political candidate. Your candidacy gives me, and many like me, hope that the next eight…

Good News: I get a day off work while all of our high schoolers take the PSAT and can provide you with your Spark Notes updates of how the Democrats are doing.

Bad news: There’s yet again too many candidates on the Democratic debate stage, with more yet to come. The moderators were our best yet in terms of persistently calling out question dodging, but with 12 candidates, even prominent figures at times faded into obscurity. While watching the debate, I’d hear, say, Bernie, speak and think “Oh, I forgot he was even here tonight! Where’s he been?” …

After 23 years, Shepard Smith anchored his last newscast and announced his sudden departure from Fox News, effective Friday.

With him goes, really, the last claim that Fox News could honestly make to being “fair and balanced.”

While everyone else at the network seems more or less happy to toe the conservative line, Smith has been willing to be a more independent voice.

Not only has Smith proven willing to challenge Donald Trump’s huge propensity for dishonesty — he called some of Trump’s responses at an early press conference “absolutely crazy — and, egad!, …

Donald Trump’s move this week to abandon US Kurdish allies in Syria came as a shock to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Even usually strong Trump backers such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have come out strongly about how this impetuous Trump directive will weaken not only our position in that part of the world, but also cut down our allies and aid our adversaries.

It’s serendipitous that Trump decided to make what amounts to one of the worst foreign policy decisions of his presidency while the House simultaneously is conducting its impeachment inquiry into Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower scandal.

That’s because…

The so-called conventional wisdom which held that the nation would turn on congressional Democrats if they dared pull the trigger and begin an impeachment proceeding against Donald Trump no longer appears to be operable — if it was ever valid to begin with.

A new Washington Post poll is out Tuesday, and it’s not good news for Trump. A majority of Americans already support House Democrats beginning their impeachment inquiry against Trump. And, already, at this early stage, nearly half of Americans would endorse the House recommending Trump’s removal from office.

But, as bad as all that is, that’s not…

With the discovery of a new lung disease, possibly being linked to vaping, lawmakers, Trump included, were quick to act and bring up the idea of banning the sale of all flavored vaping devices. However, this is more of a case of mass hysteria than anything.

Banning the sale of vapes while no specific cause of the disease has been identified is a very irrational thing to do. Instead of waiting for toxicology reports to roll in or a scientific link between vaping and the disease, lawmakers are panicking and simply want to just ban vapes outright.

Now, I’m not…

In the light of a new unknown lung disease linked to vaping and already killing six people, the Trump administration is considering a mass ban on vaping products, excluding non-flavored ones. This would require all vaping products to be off-shelf in 30 days, and require Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for each product before it can be sold again.

E-cigarettes and vaping were originally created to help adult smokers quit smoking. However, underage vaping has created an epidemic of teenaged smokers and vapers. …

The Bipartisan Press

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