What Spaghetti Sauce Has Taught Me About Curriculum
Paul Emerich France

My family’s pasta sauce recipe stretches back at least three generations without much variation, and therefore probably doesn’t make as apt a metaphor as your own- but your point is definitely an appreciated one.

Perhaps, for those authoring curriculum, the goal should be to create something more akin to a “cookbook” than a set of Ikea instructions. Hundreds of lesson “recipes” lined up in no particular order, with hints or tips for teachers who wish to add their own twist and seasoning to the accepted basics- depending on what’s in the kitchen.

Or, bringing it back even further, perhaps the goal should be to make the very best “saucepan”- a tool by which teachers can throw whatever ingredients they have on hand in order to create their perfect lesson.

Maybe that saucepan is the classroom? Suddenly, I think I’ve lost the metaphor.

I enjoyed this article! I look forward to reading more of your insights in the future.

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