Time and Worry

Time. It goes by so slowly yet at the same time it passes us by seemingly unstoppably quickly; sometimes feeling too finite to even try to comprehend. Looking back, I find it astonishing just how fast this summer has gone! Between sorting out a house move with my parents, working a full-time job at Doncaster Airport, preparing to begin my final year of university (amongst many other responsibilities that I daren’t even begin to start counting); it feels like summer has just passed by in an instant.

So summer might be drawing to a close, but I still have what feels like a metric ton of things to be doing and sorting out ready for this new academic year, as well as completing other jobs I have which need to be done; all of which I have to fit in within the space of 6 days (not even kidding – 6 days!); 4 of which I have things planned! From a day in Manchester with one of my best friends and a day back home in Derby in order to finalise the paperwork for my Erasmus stay and hand over copies of my insurance and travel documents; to 2 separate meals out with family to say goodbye, and a night out with my friends to see me off for the semester; I have not got a clue how I’m going to manage to finish all this stuff I have to finish.

As I’m writing I’ve just realised it’s 23.38 on the 28th, which means that in precisely 7 days time I will be living in the Czech Republic; ready to start a new adventure. This of course means I am now in the final countdown for my trip. And yes, I’m excited – don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to it! But at the same time, I’m terrified. Of what? I suppose in a way I’m worried about settling. I’m not the kind of person who is the greatest at making new friends (I’ll freely admit to that and I’m sure that a few of you will agree!) and the fact that I’ll be away from my home and my family and friends for 4 months is really starting to hit home. I keep finding myself wondering if I’ve made the right choice or if I should just end the madness now. But having come so far I don’t want to fall now. Guess only my old friend time will tell.

Until next time. Peace out ✌🏻

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