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The new dictation UI for better user experience — a UX case study

iOS Messages, redesign concept by Boris J.

Using dictation became more popular with voice-enabled devices, like Amazon Echo, Google Hub, etc. People got used to having a digital assistant ready for their voice. Texting in a car is not something you should do, but talking to Siri and let her send the message for you is at least to say, convenient.

Still, most apps are trying to catch-up with new ways of interaction. …

Anticipatory design is a UX pattern that seeks to entirely remove user choice from the equation.

Anticipatory design can help users to save time, and removes unneeded effort. It also changes/improves user flow and is sometimes followed by necessary visual changes.

Any visual changes made on a large platform, such as Airbnb in this case, might be counterproductive, as you are dealing with a large pool of users and some could be distracted by visual changes, or just confused if any design pattern that they used to, is not as it was before. …

The speed of the human mind is remarkable. So is its inability to face the obvious.

- Simon Mawer

Solving Mensa test should’t be complicated, since the idea is that almost everyone is able to solve it, the question is: how fast?

How fast can user understand what is presented on a display is affected by various conditions at the moment he is using a device, and his ability to process certain information. …

Boris J.

UX/UI Designer based in California — Apps | Wearables | VR | Automotive

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