Black Twitter Wins Series

Pepsi Co, Kendall Jenner and Happy Protests

We all knew that before too long that there was going to be another blunder of some sort. Yahoo’s mishap was pure gold. The Government and Black History Month was great. But this…. PepsiCo you surprisingly outdid yourself. Congratulations on winning the competition for tone deafness.

By now you have seen or at least heard of the commercial starring Kendall Jenner. The commercial depicted the model taking off her very blonde Kim K wig and stepping out from whatever pointless shoot she was at. She entered the streets lined with people of all races and ethnicities dancing, singing, and having a grand ol time protesting happily in the streets. The scene continued with her skipping up to the police line offering them a Pepsi making all right in the world. Apparently it is THAT simple.

At first PepsiCo decided to release a statement saying they stood by their decision to release the commercial saying that it created a message of peace, diversity and unity. In predictable fashion, Pepsi has then decided to issue an apology and pull the ad, but not before twitter got the best of them.

I had a high level of humidity in my eyes from laughter as well as needing to lubricate my dry eyes from all of the rolling at pepsi. I then heard the ultimate shade door close as twitter was blessed with the greatest response to this entire thing:

When the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr joined in on the twitter troll, you have to realize how bad of a choice PepsiCo really did make. Beyond having the face of rich white female privilege as the star that doesn’t relate nor understands the core of these protests, they were completely ignorant to people that have been sprayed, arrested, beaten and even killed for standing up for the rights of people. The very people you intended to target with this commercial in faux support are the same people that you very much disrespected. It is not as simple as drinking soda and partying in the streets PepsiCo, but I am positive you see that now.