Oh no Kim baby, What Is You Doin?

Kim K is problematic. Has been Problematic. Will always be, problematic.

At some point in my life I actually didn’t mind the Kardashians. I thought they were entertaining to watch when Food Network was replaying episodes of Chopped that I had already seen at least two times before. I wouldn’t say I was a fan, but they didn’t bother me.

Over time, my opinion changed thanks to how the media portrayed them but more so their silence in it. From being disrespectful during a moment of silence for Mike Brown to the blatant cultural appropriation and credit that they gave themselves for “boxer braids”, wigs, and big butts that are made of only God knows was a constant reminder that they loved everything about us, but not us. Incidents such as stealing from Black designers, the 2Pac and Biggie shirts, and of course that awful Pepsi ad didn’t help their cases either.

After the unfortunate incident that took place in Paris with Kim, I think any normal human felt for her and was ok with maybe sort of forgetting past mistakes. She toned down who she was, went off the grid, and seemed to start to maybe trying to get life. Kim K told Kendall to hold her Coke because she hadn’t seen anything yet on getting the people going.

Earlier this year, Kim released a makeup line that included a contour kit and a few other items. Hollywood’s A-list beauty influencers were invited to get the sneak peak of the product. This included Jeffree Star who owns his own product line and headlines many beauty shows and conferences but is also known for his racist antics towards women of color. Considering Kim is the mother of a young Black girl, many eyebrows were raised that by association she would even want him there. Kim also came under fire for darkening her own skin on ads instead of finding women of color for the models while her “dark shades” for her contour kit was for light to medium brown women at best, but like times before, she was given a pass.

Fast forward to yesterday, Star gives a not so raving review saying that her products were like chalk. Social media went on the attack, many people bringing up his past racist remarks. Star had given an apology, but it was forced and for good publicity. He continued to argue with women of color, especially black women, calling them bitches and have nappy hair. For this reason, I have refused to ever buy a product of his.

Kim decided to put on her white satin cape to swoop in to tell her fans that they should forgive his “negative” remarks and that people can change.

As I have said for many years, Kim and her sisters alike have loved everything about our culture. Our hairstyles, our nails, our fashion, but they don’t love us. Marrying a Black man, taking him to a sunken place, and having his children do not give you a pass or most importantly the right to tell women of color how to feel. The comments by Star weren’t negative. Call them for what they were, racist as hell.

As a non-Black woman, you can’t tell us to accept the apology and move on. You don’t get to direct us to look over an issue just because he is teaching you about color swatches, sis. You have the ability to overlook what he did because the issue was never in your face nor was about you. You can’t accept an apology on our behalf when it was never offensive to you to begin with.

You want to overlook it and hope that racist will do a better job for your children, you have to start with yourself. Telling us to forgive and move on is suppression and the epitome of your privilege in itself, one that our young daughter of color will soon come to understand in this world. Your money and status give her a better life, but doesn’t change that she will one day be the person that remarks like this will impact. Considering what just took place in our nation this week, it isn’t the time nor place to give anyone a pass.

Take a lesson from your sister Kendall. If giving cops a pepsi during a protest won’t work to end violence and racism, I doubt sharing swatches of makeup will.