You want a Michelle but only deserve a Michel’le

A true story inspired by a tribe called Wes

Tonight we sadly said goodbye as we enter the last ten days of President Obama’s administration before mankind as we know it is ended by a walking, talking Cheeto of destruction. During his farewell speech in Chicago, my forever President named off several of his accomplishments including the rise in jobs, fixing the economy and his major attempt in bridging relations in this country.

While giving his flawless speech Uncle B was brought to tears when speaking of Michelle LaVaugn Robinson, girl of the Southside of Chicago. She was not only his wife and mother of his children but his best friend. *Insert streams of tears* Of course, Black Twitter exploded with all of the feels saying how much we will miss our beloved first couple. Tweets fired off of men saying that they needed a Michelle and she was the woman of their dreams. Then this happened:

Wes: I need a Michelle
Chyna: Wes got him a Michel’le.

After moments of deep laughter, the conversation got serious. We can all agree that every man needs a good woman to hold him down, but do you deserve a Michelle? A Michelle is without a doubt the symbol of modern grace and elegance. She embodies Black Girl Magic as flawlessly as her hair whips. To decide, let us help you answer that:

  1. When you speak her name, are you willing to come to tears at the thought of her?
  2. Are you willing to recognize her accomplishments before your own?
  3. Are you willing to be beaten down and trodden by the world and allow her to pick you up?
  4. Will she be your best friend?
  5. Can you build the best playlist with her?
  6. To the utmost of your ability, are you willing to match her fly?
  7. Can she snatch your phone from you with a quickness?
  8. When you look at her, do you feel everything that you have felt in every moment of time with her?
  9. Can you be ok with people loving her more than you? Can you be ok with loving her more than you love yourself?
  10. When she is being torn down by the world from everything from her looks to her style, will you be there to remind her she is beautiful?

Even if you answer yes to all of this, the answer is still no. Honestly, none of us were ever deserving of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, girl of the Southside. We weren’t deserving of the beauty she gave to us time after time again. We weren’t deserving of the love of the Obamas. Yet, we still received it because grace and mercy is a thing. Until we ALL do better by one another and to one another, we will never be deserving of a Michelle let alone to be a Michelle.