I am an average guy, nothing to special about me at all. But in that I have realized I have a lot of things I can share with the average person. Stories are paramount to our lives and we need storytellers. So that’s what this blog is going to basically be about. I will tell stories through my poetry, through my life, through my thoughts and ideas. I will speak from every angle and will talk about any topic. Nothing will be taboo or off limits. My goal is just to share and show that we are all linked and that humanity as one is how we were created to be. Individuals who are all unique but all connected through our lives and stories. This should be interesting and if you give a chance to read some stuff I hope that you will not only learn about me but also about yourself. I hope that all of you who actually read this will join with me on this journey and have meaning and lasting relationship built upon our common goal to create and show passions for humanity as a whole. Much love and peace to all

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