The Witch and Religious Superstition

I am an avid horror nerd. I absolutely love horror movies, video games, literature and comic books. I can’t get enough of it. I don’t know why but I have always been drawn to it even from a young age. Last night me and my best friend went to see the new horror film The Witch. This isn’t going to be a review but I will say that the movie was amazing in my opinion. It was very atmospheric, subtle and held strong religious overtones which I will be speaking on today. If you enjoy your horror films that are more of a slow burn and more nuanced I would highly suggest The Witch for you. The movie dealt brilliantly with the ideas of superstition in religion and specifically Christianity. The type of “Christianity” on display in the film is that of an angry and distant God. Humans that are born into sin and continually live into sin. These ideas help grow fear, and with fear superstition becomes reality. The family in the movie is thrown out of their community and in turn become victims and victimized from the society they have known. A event that transpires early on creates and breeds fear in the eyes of the mother and younger children. Throughout the movie the fear and superstition builds and the family turn on each other. They end up blaming “the witch” but scapegoat each other and say each other is the witch. In all religions and life the base of your beliefs will lead you to either a life full of creation and life or bring you to destruction and death. If your thoughts are steeped in a tradition of humanities sin nature and are filthy you will always end up with fear based thoughts. These thoughts will also lead to superstition and eventually scapegoating and victimizing others. Just as in the beginning of the film the family was separated and scapegoated from the community so the family towards the end scapegoated and separated from each other. We as humanity must look towards each other as a creation of love and produce those thoughts towards each other. Fear will always end in death while love always ends in creation and life. Just a few thoughts I had while watching The Witch.

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