not merely a natural extension of human sexual desire adapted to modern technology.
‘It’s just porn’: Coming to terms with a sexually corrosive culture
Robert Jensen

Beyond the women-dominating images pornography feeds men, it also usually causes harm to the female worker. Most “porn actresses” are considered commercial sexual exploitation victims. Some of the women are forced to perform, and any person under 18 cannot consent to making porn which automatically makes one under 18 a victim of human sex trafficking. You could argue that most men don’t watch child pronography, but it’s actually one of the top things searched on the internet. What people don’t see is these actresses crying or puking off camera. On top of that, pornography feeds sexual desires to men that most girlfriends and wives won’t consent to. Many women who work in prostitution (or are being trafficked) report that many of their clients are (often married) men who watch porn and want to try what they watched. So they pay a woman to do it to her, and she then gives some or all of the money to her pimp or exploiter. From average women with a boyfriend or husband to the woman who has the misfortune of working in prostitution to the “actress” herself, pornography is certainly not feminist.