Take a Moment, Share Some Gratitude

There is always time for gratitude.

Take a moment and consider the gift of being here, right now, in this moment. You are a fortunate being to be here, with life; taking each breath and experiencing every heartbeat. Just sit with that for a short bit, and be thankful for this body; a living organism which is allowing you to experience the world totally and wholly through your own point of view, and nobody else. What a blessing!

Now take another moment and think of another living organism, someone (or something like a pet/animal) that you’re grateful for having in your life.

Feel how this gratitude makes your physical body feel. Feel how this gratitude moves through your body. Savor this feeling. Pay close attention to your heart area in particular.

Can you feel it expanding?

Just focus on that feeling of gratitude. Allow yourself time to bask in this. Allow yourself time to let this feeling of gratefulness move throughout your entire body. What does this feel like for you?

Think of why you feel this way about this person or thing. Consider the impact this person or thing has had on your life. Consider how your body feels as you’re thinking about these things.

Savor this feeling for a few more moments….

You may now return to your regularly scheduled day. Thank you for being.

If these words resonated and/or relaxed you in some way, feel free to also check out my website www.followyourbreath.org and discover some more relaxation techniques, like some guided meditations on gratitude, like this one below, by me.