If you Still Identify with Either Major Political Party, Consider These Questions

Over the last several weeks, I’d was working on articles about the woes of both political parties. The aim of these words were meant to simply get people thinking about the possibility that these two major political machines are breaking down. If you haven’t read them, knock yourself out, as I’ve included part 1 about both parties below.

But I understand if you you’d rather not. The glut of politically tinged pieces churning out on a daily basis makes it hard to keep up, not to mention stay sane. Suffice to say, after all the research that went into these previous articles, one thing has become increasingly clear.

People who still identify with either political party have a few questions to answer for.

Questions For Democrats

Questions For Republicans

Feel free to answer if so compelled. Also feel free to share and like, or read some of my other stories below.