Story by Cody DeBos

The computing tasks necessary for scientific research require a massive amount of processing power. If researchers ran models on a single machine it would take hundreds of years to produce results. Fortunately, today’s technology has paved the way for several innovations that help speed up scientific research.

One of the cooler ones is called distributed computing. It relies on a network of idle devices provided by volunteer users and harnesses their computing power to complete resource-intensive tasks in a fraction of the time.

IBM’s World Community Grid app is an example of distributed computing. It’s a…

Story by Mario McKellop

During an appearance at the Shanghai-based World AI Conference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his company is “very close” to developing full self-driving vehicle technology. The executive expressed confidence his firm will achieve “ basic functionality “ Level 5 automobile autonomy this year. Uber, General Motors’ Cruise, and Alphabet’s Waymo have spent billions chasing the elusive technological breakthrough with mixed results.

Why Level 5 Vehicle Autonomy Is So Important

The Society of Automotive Engineers defines Level 5 vehicle autonomy as an automobile with the capability to drive itself under all conditions. The reason several tech industry giants and startups have pursued the innovation is…

Story by Mario McKellop

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted the global electronics industry. The health crisis prompted temporary shutdowns of the world’s production hubs and protracted shipping delays. The viral outbreak also strained the global economy, which pushed OEMs and EMSs to cut costs and expedite operations to stay afloat.

Sourceability, with its broad range of tools ushering in the digitization of supply chains, is one company seeking to help manufacturers steer through the “new normal.”

In full disclosure, The Burn-In is in fact one of these tools. It is “powered by Sourceability.” …

Story by Cody DeBos

The thought of providing internet service with giant balloons might sound ridiculous. However, it’s the creative approach that Alphabet’s Loon division is using to connect tens of thousands of Kenyans. Loon announced on Monday that its first commercial internet service is now live.

The move is a big step forward for the unconventional company. It proves that non-traditional methods of providing internet are plausible. More importantly, it is helping people access a service they might not be able to otherwise.

Connecting Far and Wide

In the United States, the thought of not having an internet connection is practically absurd. Even…

by Cody DeBos

Global economies have stalled thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The tech sector was hit hard in the beginning but has transitioned well into the work-from-home model. For employees, that’s a good thing. It means that many have been able to keep a paycheck while working from home.

Still, it isn’t going to last forever. With many parts of the United States reopening, employees will soon start returning to their offices for work. After months of social distancing, that understandably causes some anxiety. …

Story by Giovanni Curcio


It wasn’t supposed to be a hit. It wasn’t supposed to spawn a line of Hot Topic merchandise, an anime spin-off, or its very own annual convention. But it did.

Against all odds, CW’s Supernatural has persevered through writer’s strikes, showrunner hand-offs, and a slew of high budget imitators. It’s a show that was meant to conclude in a self-contained 5 season arc but has defiantly endured for 15 years. That’s pretty impressive considering the average lifespan for a television show falls between 7–8 years.

And now, the Winchester saga is…

Story by Cody DeBos

Space tourism is about to take a big step forward. That’s saying a lot considering that it isn’t really an industry yet. Nonetheless, the ultra-wealthy will soon have a chance to spend the night in microgravity aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA has just announced that Houston-based startup Axiom Space will build the first commercial module for the station. It will serve as a space hotel that will give tourists a place to “lay” their heads at night. Despite not being built yet, Axiom has already booked its first guest’s visit.

Space Vacation

Axiom was first founded…

Story by Cody DeBos

There are plenty of cases where artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in the healthcare setting. However, perhaps the most effective one is disease tracking. By analyzing records over time, AI is able to spot things that human doctors may miss.

This principle is on display thanks to IBM’s new AI that tracks the progression of Huntington’s disease. The model can help predict when a patient might experience exacerbations of their symptoms and determine how quickly they will progress.

Finding New Connections

Huntington’s disease is a fairly rare genetic disorder that has strong hereditary ties. The Huntington’s Disease Society…

Story by Cody DeBos

Avast is known as one of the best free antivirus programs out there. It allows budget-conscious users to protect their computers without breaking the bank on a more feature-rich program. However, new rumors are coming to light that may land Avast in hot water with its users.

According to an investigative report published by Motherboard and PCMag, the antivirus company is working with a third-party called Jumpshot to sell the web browsing data of its users. …

Story by Cody DeBos

Detroit has always been known as the Motor City. Although electric vehicles are beginning their takeover of gas-powered cars, it appears that the city’s nickname won’t have to change. That is partially thanks to a new investment of $2.2 billion from GM. The carmaker plans to modify its existing Detroit-Hamtramck facility into one that solely produces electric vehicles.

The huge move is a signal to the auto industry and consumers that the age of electric cars is here to stay. It also highlights the fact that a new type of transportation can create jobs and opportunity…

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