Raging Red Curry

Who doesn’t love Thai curry? I mean I’m sure there are a few people out there who despise it, but they’re probably mean, lonely people.

Red curry is one of those dishes that you really can’t screw up also. It’s hearty, it’s full of flavours, it’s naturally spicy, but I like to kick it up about 300 notches. I add lots of vegetables, and you don’t even really need to add any meat, but red curry seems to love chicken quite deeply. They just go so well together. That being said, shrimp, tofu, or beef are also lovers of red curry, but chicken is ok with that since they’ve talked out the boundaries a long time ago.

Bring this one to office potlucks or family dinners and revel in the praise you receive. Just give me some credit please ;)

Originally published at The Burning Butt.

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