My Statement Regarding The American Apparel Bankruptcy Ruling
Dov Charney

Dov, leadership is about taking your ego out of the equation and inspiring people to follow your vision. While you created a remarkable company that helped to transform American apparel manufacturing, it was your values and ultimately your actions that led to the demise of American Apparel. It was these values that showed young women with their legs spread in your advertising. These values that spawned a steady stream of sexual harassment lawsuits. These values that ultimately led to your removal as CEO of the company you founded.

I feel sorry for the people who worked so hard to create value for your shareholders. I assume they too wanted to be part of something bigger than themselves. With what remaining assets you have left, I might think about spending them on a large full length mirror. There is only one person to blame for American Apparel’s downfall and if you take a good look in that mirror, you will see the person pointing a finger at everyone else, pointing one right back at you.

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