A Last Conversation in Halloween

When I got home that night, I noticed the smiling jack-o-lantern in my front yard was crushed.

So I sat by his side, a bottle of Southern Comfort in hand, getting ready for a very intense talk.

“Who did this to you buddy?” — I asked calmly.
“Mary. She was really mean.” — he said with a sigh. His low baritone voice holding no anger, only a profound melancholy.
“Don’t worry, man. She was not right for you anyway. Think about it. She crushed you and didn’t give a damn. And know what? She never loved you at all. Probably cheated on you more than once too… in the end, she just walked away and never looked back.” — I said trying to comfort him, trying to turn his sadness into anger, while I looked at that stupid grin on his face.

Silence… another sip of Southern Comfort went down my throat. There I was, feeling his pain as if it was mine. I wanted him to know what I knew. That she never really loved him. That what he was feeling, was only emotional confusion. A big turmoil for nothing. Or maybe it was the booze talking.

“By the way, this shitty smile carved on your face is not working” — I said jokingly, but annoyed.
“I know… but you know… fake it until you make it” — he said, pausing for a moment, taking a deep breath, and then continuing talking faster, his voice clearly more emotional and shaken…
“I’m going to call her. I want to know why she did this to me. I don’t understand. What did I do? What went wrong for us? I loved her so much… I still do…”

“I still love her… I still love her…” — he started crying out in tears.

So I took a big swig out the bottle, slowly got up on my feet, and finished crushing my dear friend with a heavy stomp. I stomped again and again, until he went completely silent. May your misery be over for good, Jack.

Then I just walked away and never looked back.

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