A Man On A Bike…Jerking Off

I was walking down the street one day in Maadi towards the metro station minding my own business. It was cold in the early spring and I was all bundled up in a nice big, loose, black jacket. When I walk I listen to my mp3 player and I keep a pair of sunglasses on because I don’t like random people seeking my eyes.

The street I take is usually busy and it crosses two intersections. As I was walking, I passed the first one and I noticed a man sitting on a bike up the road. Naturally I crossed to the other side of the street so I didn’t have to pass by him directly.

As I got closer to him I saw he was big with a huge belly and his hand was in his lap. Not paying any attention to him, I continued to walk in the same direction until I was ten feet away and then I noticed it . . . his hand was moving up and down and the movement attracted my vision. I walked by and he was sitting there in broad daylight jerking off!!! I was shocked, stunned, and appalled.

To make it worse, he began to say things in Arabic, “Ana hadakhkalo feeky wa hakhaleeky te2ooly a7a”, translated it means, “I’m going to stick it in you and make you say mmm fuck”. I did not know what to do. Should I run? Should I turn around and walk the other way? Should I burst out crying? Should I burst out laughing? I just kept walking straight on, picking up my pace until I finally got to the metro and to AUC, where a friend consoled me when he noticed the stunned look on my face. What I can’t understand is how no one was around at that moment and how he could do that out in the open.

I got over the shock and now laugh about it. But I remember one day I was walking the same street and I think I recall seeing someone seated on a bike in the same area with the same body. I turned a corner and took the long way around, not wanting to repeat the incident. Maybe I’m traumatized in such a way that I am now afraid of any male seated on a bike.

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