Low Winter Sun

Her husband contacted me through a shared connection, a woman who knew that I could be trusted. “It’s her birthday,” he said when he explained her request to me. They would be in town the weekend and he wanted to arrange a hookup for her. I asked that he send me pictures of them and that I would send mine in return.
She is as tall as he is with long, dark hair. I agreed to meet them.

It’s Friday afternoon and the low winter sun turns the world to a yellow filtered postcard. I drive to the parking lot of the office park where we agreed to meet and park my car in an anonymous spot. I keep my sunglasses on as I walk to the rented car parked by itself in the corner of the lot. The man is standing next to the car and waves as I approach.

“Hello, I’m Jonathan,” he says. We don’t shake hands but both smile comfortably.

He opens the back door of the car, “And this is Adriana.”

She is seated in the far corner of the back seat, her legs spread to reveal white underwear and stockings under her short skirt. Her hands rest on her knee and thigh and a tasteful engagement ring and wedding band feature prominently on her finger. Thick brown hair cascades over the side of her face and she holds my gaze intently. As I duck down to get in the car I reach up to remove my sunglasses but she stops me, “Don’t. Keep them on.”

The car door closes behind me.

I sit down next to her and she remains motionless but for her head which turns to follow me. Her daring smile exudes confidence.

“Are you here to fuck me?” she asks.

“Well,” I blush slightly, “First I’m here to meet you.”

“So now we’ve met,” she urges, “I’m here to fuck.”

My sunglasses help maintain my confidence in the face of her radiant stare and I laugh, “Great. That’s great. You’re cool.”

Without closing her legs she reaches over and purposefully takes my crotch in her hands, “Are you hard yet?”

“Not right now,” I reply, “But I suspect I’m going to be very soon.”

“Unbuckle your pants so long,” she suggests, “I’ll show you how wet I am.”

While I unbuckle my jeans and pull them and my trunks down she pulls her cotton panties to one side to reveal a neatly manicured pussy whose lips are swollen red. Her clitoris peeks out between them and she puts three fingers in her mouth before pulling her labia apart, “See? I’m ready so you’d better hurry up and get that cock of yours ready to go.” I feel my penis grow into a strong erection. Once I’m hard she reaches over and wraps her free hand around my cock before complementing it while stroking the shaft. I see her middle finger disappear into her cunt.

After a few moments she reaches up to the back window and pulls out a condom packet which she rips open with her teeth before expertly fitting it and then says, “I’m going to be loud, ok? It’s for Jonathan to hear.”

“Sounds good. He’s a lucky man.”

“You are a lucky man,” she emphasizes and I laugh again.

“Come over here,” she continues and pulls at my penis to bring me to her.

The half-kneeling, half-crouching position that I need to remain in in order for my penis to find the opening of her vagina is uncomfortable but the way I have to strain to maintain my balance is as thrilling as her fiery stare. When I start to enter her she gasps and pulls me all the way into her by grabbing my buttocks. Our faces are moments apart and she leans in and bites my top lip hard. 
I start and pull away from her but her hands on my buttocks keep me pinned in place. She opens her mouth wide to reveal her teeth and teases, “Come on tough guy. Be a hero.” I can feel the warm wetness all along the shaft of my cock as her pussy envelopes and releases it as we fuck.

She grows louder the closer she gets to orgasm and I fuck furiously with the single-minded determination to push her over the edge and into a glowing abyss. And then I feel her shudder and push her head into my chest and she lets out a deep roar as her entire body erupts into convulsing waves. Her nails dig into my back and she presses the top of her head into my ribcage until it hurts. I wrap my hand around her shoulders and clutch her to me to force more shudders from her until her shouts are reduced to panting murmurs.

I let go and she lets me slip out of her so that I can collapse onto the seat next to her to recover my breath.

A deep silence falls over us as the meek sunlight refracts through the windows and I see her husband still standing outside the car, leaning against it, facing away from us with arms folded as if waiting for the mailman.

“Is it really your birthday?” I ask and look over. She is busy straightening her hair and smoothing down her skirt.

“No,” she says, “But why don’t you come over to our hotel tomorrow around lunch time and we can pretend it’s Christmas.”

“Ha! Wow. You really are cool.”

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