The porch light is still on when I get home; Andria’s car is in the driveway. I had arranged for her to come over for sex with Sam and I — our biweekly play date that has been lighting up our lives for the last year or so. When my flight got delayed Sam replied to my message: I’ll message Andr and reschedule.

No, I replied. If I were to be stuck in a stuffy airport I at least wanted to know that the two of them would be having a good time. I ended the conversation with Have fun 😊 and headed for the departure terminal.

Now, with roll-on suitcase in hand, I find myself unlocking the door; exhausted and sticky. The foyer and lounge is silent, soft light emanates from upstairs. I need to have a shower before I go and join them and decide to use the guest bathroom downstairs so as to not disturb them before I’m clean and ready for kisses. I undress in the darkness of the guest bathroom and get into the shower. Because it is used so infrequently there’s no soap or shampoo and so I make do with just a rinse. Having dried myself I neglect to get dressed and, instead, pad through the house naked and then up the staircase. I’ll unpack my suitcase tomorrow. The light comes from our bedroom, the door slightly ajar. When I push the door open I’m greeted by Sam’s warm smile and extended arms. “You made it!” he exclaims. Andria is sitting behind him, her arms entangled with his. I giggle softly and fold myself into his arms before nuzzling into his neck. I feel Andria’s hand stroke my wet hair and sigh and close my eyes. After a moment sunk into his embrace I lift myself and kiss first him and then her. I notice that she has a trace of semen on her cheek which I, with licked finger, wipe off. “Looks like you guys had a party,” I tease. “We sure did,” Sam replies, “I’m so happy that you made it home.” Andria taps my shoulder and motions with her hand — she is partially deaf — and with her beautifully clumsy mouth says, “You look really tired. I should go.” I reach for her hand and hold it down, “No. No. Can you stay the night?” She wrinkles her nose, smiles and nods. I move my hand down to Sam’s penis, look at the both of them and say, “I’ll be all rested up tomorrow morning. And then I’m going to want to catch up on the fucking.”

Sam sighs as I settle between them and drape their arms over me. Normally I don’t like sleeping in the middle but tonight it’s all I want.

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