Sex with Rob and Hannah

My husband and I had been living past each other for years when Hannah and Rob moved into the apartment above the garage. She is completing a Phd in Developmental Psychology and he is a partner in a carpentry business. They both ride bicycles.
 We first started chatting (beyond the pleasantries of landlord/tenant talk) because of our shared love of gardening. Over the years I had become more and more absorbed by gardening, especially once our son had gone off to college and I didn’t have reason to work as many shifts at the hospital.
 Soon they started adding herbs and vegetables to the raised beds and Rob helped me prune tree branches beyond my reach. Hannah has a particular love of orchids.

It’s a Saturday afternoon and Hannah, Rob and I are replanting a shaded bed in the back corner of the yard. The August humidity makes for tough going as we set about uprooting old annuals and working bags of organic fertilizer into the soil. Once the new batch of plants are in place I lean back on my haunches, take off my soiled gloves, wipe my brow and proclaim the flowerbed Good enough before inviting them into the house for ice tea. Hannah waters the new plants while Rob and I gather up the removed plants and pack away the tools. When we return Rob washes his hands under the stream of water and then rakes at Hannah’s face, leaving a streak of mud across her cheek. She shrieks and turns the hose on him and they mock struggle until Rob lets go of the hose and turns and runs around the back of the garden shed screaming while Hannah directs a jet of water after him. My laugh echoes among the trees.

Once the hilarity has subsided into giggles I turn and walk to the house where I take off my muddied boots at the back door and walk into the cool interior air. Rob and Hannah follow, still laughing at one another, and sit down at the kitchen table without needing to be invited. Both their shirts are soaked and I notice the curve of Hannah’s petite breasts against the clinging fabric. The top two buttons of her shirt are undone.
 We talk about the week’s happenings while we drink our ice tea and then Hannah leans in conspiratorially to tell a harmless, gossipy story about one of the neighbors. As she leans in her shirt falls open and I see the ruby red of her nipple against her milky white skin.
 Something comes over me. Is it that I desire her body? Or do I just want to feel her age, to feel young again? No, what drives me is wanting to be finally, fully included in their happy, free and open togetherness.
 I put down my glass and wordlessly reach into her shirt to cup her breast with my cool hand. She doesn’t flinch, doesn’t hide her smile. My hand remains against her warm, damp skin.
 She gets up from the table and, without saying a word, takes both my and Rob’s hands and leads us through to my bedroom’s en suite bathroom.

She turns on the shower and pulls her wet shirt over her head, I put my hands on her hips. She unbuttons and takes off my shirt and bra and then reciprocates by putting her hand on my own, more mature, breast. I welcome the feeling of her skin on mine. And then she let’s go and quickly wriggles out of her jeans and I do the same so that we are both naked. She guides me into the shower cubicle and we stand together under the jet of water; our bodies touching. She rinses the sweat and dust off of my neck and shoulders and then the mud streak from her face. I’m not sure whether to lean in and kiss her, it seems unnecessary. And then she turns to Rob and taps on the steamed up glass to signal that he should join us. He undresses, opens the glass door, and squeezes into the cubicle with us. No one dares breathe a word; the moment too fragile to risk.

His erection pushes up against my side as Hannah rinses him down. She guides my hand onto his cock. Feeling an erect penis again after years of being sexually numbed within my own marriage feels foreign and uncertain but absolutely alive. I drop down onto my haunches and take his cock into my mouth as Hannah leans in to kiss him; water from her body dripping on my now wet hair. His hands explore my shoulders and arms as I fill my mouth with him.
We leave the shower, silently dry ourselves by handing around the two available towels, and then move to the sunlit bed where Rob has patient, confident sex with me. My vagina awakes from a deep sleep to embrace the sensations that I had almost forgotten existed.
 I’m on my back with Rob inside me and Hannah resting her arms and head on his shoulder. Their combined weight pins me to the mattress and I reach out and touch Hannah’s face as I orgasm.