Sony A7rII Cheaper than the A7II?

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Anyone who has read the Sony A7RII Press Release or visited the website knows that the A7RII is an extremely innovative camera.

Whether it be in-camera 4K video, 5-axis image stabilization, or the first back-illuminated full-frame sensor (not to mention Sony finally getting how auto-iso should work). The camera is full of features that make it an object of lust for many pro and advanced amateur photographers. If you’ve seen our Youtube review of the A7II, you know that we really enjoyed the new features in that camera as well.

While those of us who don’t make a living off of photography may see the the $3200 price tag and decide that the camera isn’t right to us. There is another feature, that in the end, could make this camera a cheaper investment than the seemingly more affordable A7II.


The 399 phase-detection auto-focus points, may make this camera the first to give a pleasant experience with third party lenses.

You see, this feature seemingly allows users with legacy glass and an appropriate adapter to use other lenses on the Sony system with fast and reliable auto-focus. It should even allow for continuous focusing. While auto-focus isn’t a necessity for everyone, I can certainly say that for me, it is.

The savings shouldn’t just be for people who have already accumulated a large collection of compatible lenses. For instance if you do an eBay search for Canon EF lenses, you can quickly find an array of lenses that just may work with this new system. A 50 1.4 for example can be purchased from $200–350, much cheaper than the Sony 55 1.8 can be purchased, even when used. The selection is great. For instance the 40 2.8 pancake lens ($149 brand new)could make a great alternative for Sony’s 35 2.8. A used 70–200 f4 can be found for around $400.

Of course, all of this is speculation and we won’t know how any of this works until we can test it out ourselves. Though videos we’ve seen thus far have been promising. We look forward to that opportunity and hopefully can get the results to you guys.

For our thoughts on the Sony A7II, check out our Youtube review here.

-Josh Weiss
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