#Clapback from Yesterday

I belong to a few groups and forums across the web. One such group yesterday had a heated discussion on whether or not black people should date outside the race. This was my response:

Mr. Shaw. I read your entire long rant and some of your addendum and comments. While it was well written and obviously you feel strongly about the subject, I raise a rather simple counter argument: You are wrong.

I’ll use myself as an example before anyone else. I grew up in a community with exactly 16 other black people most of whom were related to me. Rather than isolate myself, I made it a point to explore as many cultures I that I could. I went to worship with them, I ate in their homes, I watched their cartoons. I did all this while maintaining my sense of self and at my core being a black man. I made Black History a thing in my high school. I specialized in African American Literature in college. I am still super black, regardless of my choice of getting to understand other cultures. I frequently give back to my community, I am an author whom has turned down publishing deals, solely because I was never going to turn my main character (a super hero) white. So I understand what you’re saying about the media. But where you’re wrong is this, my relationships and friendships have absolutely nothing to do with how or what I create for the media. I instead ask, what are you doing to help other than some thinly veiled racism in Facebook comments?

Your individual perception that the family is ruined by people not being the same skin color sounds eerily similar to the ideals projected by the Ku Klux Klan.

I have been with the same woman for functionally the last two years. She is not using me for any purpose other than the fact that I love and support her and she does the same. She respects my ideals, my family, and my culture. I do the same. That is what a relationship is about. That is Love. What you are talking about is Social Darwinism. You know, the exact same idea that propelled the Nazis and the Klan. Preservation of a race above your own individual thoughts.

If you are insulted that I believe my partner is the best in the world and she believes the same about me; don’t watch us watch tv. No community will ever dictate what is right and wrong in my home.