Myles “The Fury” Jury

Frequent readers of my blog know that I am a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu. A Jiujiteiro if you’re technical. What you may not know is my connections to the sport.

I train martial arts at a place called Pride Martial Arts in Clarence, NY. It is run by Tae Kwon Do 5th Degree Black Belt, Todd Patterson. I began at Pride in the kickboxing class. A short while later, I was given the opportunity to take a seminar with UFC’s Myles “The Fury” Jury.

I was fresh off a bout with my problems. I was the biggest I’ve been in my life. I was not prepared for a 4 hour seminar. It was exhausting. It was also that day that I fell in love with Choke Holds.

Two weeks later, I was in the Jury Jiu Jitsu class. The first move we covered was the Triangle Choke. A year later Myles came again. This time it was a month before my first competition. I was a different man. I was proud of what I became. 9 months after that Myles came back and I received my first two stripes on my white belt.

Jiu Jitsu has long periods of time between belts so they give you stripes to measure your progress.

Training in and of itself is it’s own reward. But for me, having Myles come periodically gives me a time to reflect on the changes I’ve made to myself and my game.

I can’t wait until he comes this Saturday. The seminar is open to all comers, you should come.