What’s the problem with smartwatches nowadays?

The technology industry keeps changing every year to bring new ideas and concepts to the market. Google Glass can be a good example of a device that seemed to be a revolutionary gadget for everyone who likes new electronic things. Although, at the end, it went wrong for many reasons that you probably know about it. Nowadays, the betting of the tech industry is focused on smartwatches and they’re trying to do everything that’s possible to maintain this type of product acquiring profit. In reality, the big companies have been destroying the small ones and killing the other niches that are growing up in this sector. The question is: Will people let them do this?

It was when Pebble Company shut down, in 2016, that I realized that was necessary to write a text about it. For everyone who doesn’t know what happened, the facts are as follows: Fitbit, a company that makes fitness wearable devices had bought Peeble. Instead of improving their smartwatches and creating new features, Fitbit has announced that they would stop the production of Pebble devices and, of course, online servers will stop as well. It really seems that this company just bought Pebble to end a new niche that was growing up. And what was this new niche?

We could say that Pebble was pioneer of the smartwatch segment. They created a product that was unique (even nowadays, we cannot find a substitute for it). Pebble 2, for example, has a great battery life that lasts for 7 days at least, a simple display, a waterproof system (how can a company sell a wearable product that is just water-resistant?), a very simple and useful OS, a cheaper price, and the most important thing, for me, on a smartwatch: an awesome notification system that shows up everything you want, restraining you from using your smartphone constantly without any need for.

For real, smartwatches have never become the revolutionary thing on our lives. They’re just a complement or an extension of our phone. It’s not a big important gadge like a smartphone is. We cannot pay almost 400 USD on an Apple Watch that brings just a few more things that Pebble doesn’t have. Actually, some of these things are not necessary to most of the people. Luxury design? Nah! Touchscreen? The fact that were great for mobile phones the introduction of touch screen doesn’t mean that it will work well for every electronic gadget, right? In fact, I reckon those ones that have a small screen, like smartwatches, can get worse with a touchscreen display.

So, what’s basically going on? The big companies are trying to sell a gadget that it’s not a thing that everyone would dream about, with a huge price, poor battery life (why do we need to recharge all our equipment every day?), luxury design (okay, okay, of course we care about appearance, but we don’t need so much effort on this. Actually, for many users, the price is going to be increased with no necessity for), no protection for swimming (except Apple Watch and other ones, but famous brands on the market sell with just water resistance), and so and forth.

This’s what has killed Pebble Company, the onset of a niche that wanted to pay a reasonable price for a smartwatch with a good battery, water protection, and a notification center. That’s all. The big companies were afraid that this particular niche could be grown more and more and affect their profits. My fellas, do not let this situation interfere your desire in buying your own Pebble. Especially, with Rebble IO coming on. But this I’m gonna talk about on another post! See ya :)