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Patti Garibay, CEO of American Heritage Girls and Chris Halter, Corporate Culture Expert at Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures celebrate the transformation that occurred within AHG over the last three years

American Heritage Girls, based in Cincinnati, celebrated this month as it became the latest recipient of the Perfect 10 Certified Culture Award, a designation honoring organizations that intentionally establish a foundation of respect, trust, and healthy confrontation.
Chris Halter, Corporate Culture Expert and Leader at Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures, also based in Cincinnati, presented the award to Patti Garibay, CEO of American Heritage Girls.
The award recognizes the fruit of AHG’s hard work during a three-year culture transformation process under Perfect 10’s guidance.

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Pictured right to left Michelle Beckham-Corbin, Patti Garibay, and Kristi Tatro pose with the highly sought after Certified Culture Award.

American Heritage Girls is a Christ-centered character and leadership development program for girls 5 to 18 years of age. AHG is dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country.
“As a CEO, it can be disconcerting to see that there is something wrong with your company’s culture,” said Garibay. “Working with Perfect 10 has recreated the authentic leader at American Heritage Girls. They are encouraging, disciplined and corrective, but also affirming.”
“I started working at American Heritage Girls about three years ago just as Perfect 10 was coming on board with this process,” said Michelle Beckham-Corbin, Director of Marketing and Communications.
“When I first arrived, I wasn’t quite sure what the culture was, but I sensed this heavy feeling. I can tell you that after three years and being part of the Perfect 10 trainings and workshops, I saw a dramatic change in the culture. I witnessed an organization transform to be more trusting with clearer communication, and I saw groups of people who formerly did their
work in silos break those silos down and become interdependent. They became strong, high-performance work teams all focused on organizational goals vs. …

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