I stopped in my track when I came upon that question asked by a heathen king.(GNT) It is believed even by him, that whatsoever you give your everything for should reward you some way…a pagan king. I really started thinking, what do I serve loyally that will deliver me in times of trouble. I know if the question is asked, the simultaneous answer could be God. But, do will serve God loyally?

I think of things that might be topping our loyalty list; fashion, sports, movies, novels, songs, food, phones and social media,updates on everything, work and so on. What do you dream about, talk about, worry about and can sacrifice for? When difficult times come, do you think those things will be able to rescue you?

It took God and Him alone to rescue Daniel because it was glaring to even the blind that he serves God loyally and continually.
Just so you won’t be disappointed, God won’t want to be competing with your loyalties in case you’re expecting his help. Before it’s too late, where does your loyalty lies and with who?