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The latest data shows that no matter what, we can’t cut fast enough.

The US cannot shut coal fired plants faster than they are built Globally.

This Climate argument is now redundant with no realistic solution aside from serious restrictions on Global Population Growth. But It’s ‘Racist’ to recommend the Third World Nations stop Breeding.

Economics in the US will actually decrease CO2 emissions. Natural Gas is cheaper than coal. It burns with out waste (ie toxic ash). It is easier to transport (ie pipelines vs rail).

Wind and Solar have a solid foothold.

Trumps Policy for Energy Independence, only replaces foreign oil from being burned with US oil. It does not add to it, unless of course Trump’s economic policy is so great that it increases the US economy and growth, in which US production will increase CO2 output. But detractors are calling for a recession, so CO2 emissions in that scenario will drop, and Trump will not be the Climate Devil even if he wanted to be. is really just a click and profit organization. They want to post stories that bring out the extremist in us. We are baited by the headline. Then we are either strongly in agreement or disagreement, and it doesn’t matter to Thinkprogress. They just want us to click and then post. In the end it all builds a division amongst it’s readers and forces us into more extreme beliefs.

At this point, I sort of doubt anything I read on the Internet. There is no news, but only editorials, opinion, and bloggers telling us what to believe.

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