A Modern Paradise: Yangon Residential Condo

We are more than happy to announce you that our modern paradise, Yangon residential condo is ready to welcome you anytime now. This state of the art project is a dream comes true. It is the living and breathing symbol of our motto LIVE, PLAY, WORK. Marga Landmark Development Co., Ltd has brought this bright conception to reality. You would not want to miss the grandeur and luxury which this project has to offer. We would love to walk you through all the aspects of this project like location, unique design, amenities, community and other facilities. So let’s get started.

Property Location

This property is situated at the crossroad of many important places. It connects with the modern world as much as it connects with heritage of Myanmar. It also gives you luxury to enjoy nature with Inya Lake, which just a stone’s throw from it.

Its location between Kabar aye pagoda road and Kanbe road gives you the access to Yangon’s busiest roads. Location of this property needs no extra explanation. It is self-evident that this is once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. It is location is such that Yangon’s central business district, the charming Golden Valley and the international hubs inside Yankin Township are all within your reach.

Unique design and spacious

Here again you will find no rival that can match the design intelligence of residential condo in Yangon. In crafting and designing process we vowed to make you smile with breathtaking landscape views. We also took care of every detail closely so that we can provide you luxury of international living standards and user friendly modern design.
 Amenities and services

Yangon residential condo is full of all the comforts and services that you can think of. The car park here is one the largest in city with capacity to handle more than 2000 cars, which makes sure that you always have a hassle free in and out. Another great feature is our gold standard property management, which ensures that you get things done like cleaning, maintenance and landscaping services without a hitch. Our concierge and executives work hard to make sure that you have a peace of mind.

Recreation & Other Facilities

This is one big plus that we have to offer, our project is loaded with fun and entertainment. We have many facilities like Outdoor Swimming Pool, Children’s Playroom, Restaurant, Bar and Café, Fully Equipped Gymnasium, Sauna Facilities etc. These all facilities have one purpose in common which is to see you smile. This is our end goal here.

 So you see we have created this place to make your life enjoyable. We want you to have fun and live luxuriously. We have created this masterpiece but now it is your call to join in and have the time of your life.