The Central, Yangon residential condo that is located in Myanmar offers not only luxurious condos to live in but also provides a unique experience of both nature and a reflection of the beautiful Myanmar heritage. It is a residential perfection that serves as the epitome of modern elagance and also enhances cosmopolitan living.

They are highly sort after condo and it is mainly due to their strategic location and positioning. On one side is a landscape with a view of the historic and legendary Inya Lake Celestial which is one of this project’s amazing features, while on the other side, is a busy intersection connecting Yangon’s roads.

The structure of this architecture is not only astonishing, but also acts as a benchmark of luxury living. It is set apart from the rest of the world with all these amazing combination of all the possible best amenities.

They are uniquely designed and constructed with large spacious rooms that offer a lot of natural lighting and a serene view of Inya lake at the balcony or when looking outside the big windows. The view itself is breathtaking.

Modern and elegant, the Myanmar luxury condo provides an all-out community living center by combining the likes of office, retail and residential facilities all mixed up into one. The residents are indeed very lucky when it comes to the provision of world-class services and amenities since it is almost a guarantee of luxurious living.
 Some of the facilities that can be found here include the likes of a spacious parking ground that is easy to access and also provides the necessary security. It can accommodate more than 2000 vehicles. Also available are professionals of all levels that provide cleaning and maintenance services for the residents of this undertaking.
 The airport is also not far away and is located around a 20 minutes’ drive away thus making traveling to be more convenient.

A clubhouse is also provided that contains unique activities to be undertaken by the inhabitants. This includes an outdoor swimming pool, cafe, bar, sauna facilities, restaurant, library, a fully equipped gymnasium, children’s playroom and also a function or meeting rooms.

This shows that every little detail was observed and put into consideration when constructing the Myanmar luxury condo and the main objective was to ensure customer satisfaction was a top priority.

Special credit has to go to the Marga Landmark Development Company limited for ensuring that Myanmar luxury residential condo was a success and is top of its class. This is the perfect place to reside for everything that your heart desires.