The Central: Luxury Condo in Yangon

The Central is an upcoming luxurious Yangon Condo project developed by the Marga Group, an international company dealing in real estate and telecommunications. People looking for condominiums in Yangon, need look no further, with The Central apartments, built right by the Inya Lake while also connecting its residents to the central business district as it is situated at the prime corner of Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and Kanbe Road, which happen to be two of the busiest roads in Yangon city.
 Property location:

This cosmopolitan condo project is located near two of the busiest roads of Yangon, namely: Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and Kanbe Road; but just nearby is the Inya Lake, which is the biggest lake in Yangon, and a popular tourist attraction and a recreation spot for locals, thus providing The Central with an interesting blend of the hustle and bustle of city life with the quiet ambience of the lake surroundings. Nearby properties along the shoreline, are among the most expensive in the country.
 The international airport is just 20 minutes away from The Central, which is an added advantage especially for workers from abroad living in Yangon.

Unique design and spacious:

Not to be content with the surroundings alone, developers of the Central, have gone ahead with their goal of providing international standard designs for the apartments keeping in the mind the demands of local clients as well as foreign expatriates living in Yangon. 
 The interiors and balconies of this Yangon condo project are spacious and windows have been given additional height for the purpose of allowing an incredible view of the Inya Lake nearby as well as the surrounding Yangon landscape.

Amenities and services:

We realize that opting for luxurious lifestyle means more than mere interior design and surrounding, so in order to make this Yangon condo luxurious, the developers plan to add accompanying services to the premises for a comfortable and hassle free living. These facilities include the services of a concierge, cleaning and maintenance of the property, as well as landscaping services.

Also planned is a secure car park as part of the package, big enough to accommodate an estimated 2000 cars in total, a number that shows the sheer size of the project. 
 Community living:

The Central shall include space for meetings and functions, which is an indispensable part of community living. Also provided are restaurants and cafes where people can choose to wind up after a long day at work.

A luxurious clubhouse, branded retails shops, and the exclusive pedestrian shopping street, are a few more conveniences that this luxurious Yangon Condo has on offer.
 Other facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, library, business center, are also provided, as well as playroom for children and sauna facilities.

The project has been planned and designed in such a way that, due to its size and and the entire range of facilities, the community would go on to bear the appearance of a small town within a big city, where people would not need to venture out of their own social arena for some of their basic needs or desires. The pressure of modern living has made it imperative that one’s dwelling place be also a place of convenience and leisure, and that is what this upcoming condo in Yangon aims to provide for its clients.