Dream Journey
Dawn Banks

Hi Dawn,

What a lovely post, and the sentiment behind it resonates strongly with me. I tutor of a DofE residential course and I am shocked each time I run the session on CV writing and job applications (specifically for the ski industry).

These bright, enthusiatic, funny individuals are drilled to believe their only chance of success is high grades, and that high grades automatically equal success with no thought for how they may be applied. One girl actually said she thought it would be irresponsible to work a ski season after graduating as that is the time she should be getting a job and settling down and getting her life in order. (I haven’t managed this at 34, let alone 21)!

How does this equip them for the rocky road of life where there are ups and downs, and ten A* grades don’t guarantee work or success? It makes me sad to think of these lovely students, currently so alive, losing thier sparkle as they attach thier self esteem to arbitrary grades and measures.

That is precisley what happened to me and I am still paying the price for it.

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