The Swamp

At the beginning of September Hillary Clinton appealed to the public to stand on the side of reason in this election. She reminded the American people that
“We are living in a volatile political environment”. Meanwhile Trump unveiled a doomsday device he called ‘Brexit Times Ten’, a mystery box alternative to releasing his tax returns.

What Hillary said next was one of the moments that would change the campaign landscape for both candidates;
“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

This now over familiar phrase created shockwaves in America. In many people’s opinion Hillary was finally taking the fight to Trump, by identifying the level of hatred amongst many of his supporters, a level of hatred which would be enough to poison an ordinary man’s aspirations of being elected president in even the most corrupt country, let alone the United States of America.

Hillary went on to identify ‘The Deplorables’ as “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” supporters behind Trump and cautioned Americans that “unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites…. he tweets and retweets their offensive hateful mean-spirited rhetoric”.

Of course as we know Trump used the crack of Hillary’s whip against her and counter attacked that ‘hard working Americans’ deserved better than being looked down on by their politicians, later remarking “You can’t lead this nation if you have such a low opinion of its citizens.”

Unfortunately in Hillary’s effort to divide Trump’s supporters, they became more resolute, and they all jumped in the basket together, and that’s when Hillary stopped fighting.

Although Trump will say he denounced the support of former KKK leaders like David Duke, at the time however he didn’t kick anyone out of the basket, because he needed all the hard working Americans he could get his hands on to ‘Make America Great Again’.

Mike Pence even refused to call David Duke deplorable, being of such high moral standards he told CNN host Wolf Blitzer that he was ‘not in the name calling business’.

Of course this stance blurred the line between hard working Republican and white male supremacist. It became harder to identify anyone in the basket based on labels of hate because they were all wearing the same stupid hat and the Trump-Pence duo held their basket from either end all the way over the election line.

This begs the question of who will turn out to support Trump on inauguration day, will the KKK march to Washington in white robes, will the Alt-Right wave Trump slogans to ‘Drain The Swamp’& ‘Make America White Again’, how many ultra right wing groups from abroad will join Trump for his first major rally, will we see nazi flags and swastika symbols hoisted in the air as the president is sworn in?

At this stage I would be very surprised if we didn’t see some very undesirable groups crash the Trump victory parade, as Trump has flirted with ultra nationalists and their right wing philosophies throughout his campaign. I would also be very surprised if good hard working Americans tell the deplorables to put their flags away, because remember they’re all in the same basket now, and Trump has united them with a single goal to ‘Drain The Swamp’, which somehow encompasses the mass deportation of 11 million people, shutting down the Environmental Protection Agency, repealing the Affordable Care Act, screening people entering the country based on religion, raising taxes on Mexcian goods to pay for an elaborate border wall, and charging countries in NATO membership fees for American protection, also more commonly known as racketeering.

We should all be worried about Trump draining the swamp, ie eliminating your political opposition. More worryingly is who Trump will be putting in positions of power. We should question why Mike Pence, a creationist who wants to introduce the concept of intelligent design to children in public schools as an alternative to evolutionary theory, is now the Vice President of America. As a pre-requisite to electing someone vice president should we not ensure that at the very least they believe in dinosaurs?

We should ask ourselves if we support Pence when he says;
“AIDS funding should be taken away from serving people with HIV and AIDS because instead it should be diverted into government-funded programs designed to cure people from being gay, to try to fix gay people.”

Right now Mike Pence is enemy number one to the LGBT community in America, as well as a serious threat to science & common sense given his warped version of Christianity, which is more out of focus than Santa Claus on LSD delivering Christmas gifts to scientologists on February 12th (Darwin Day btw).

Donald Trump is likely to leave Pence in charge of Internal and External policy in the way Hitler left Heinrich Himmler in charge of the concentration camps, Trump can focus on ‘Making America Profitable’ without getting his hands dirty deconstructing civil rights or facing the fallout violence from inciting hate amongst a divided people.

So who else will reside in Swamp Tower once constructed, Sarah Palin booked a room earlier in the year when she nailed her flag to the Trump mast by backing him in the nomination race, loyalty which might reward Palin with a sought after position as secretary of Energy. The Department of Energy (DOE) is responsible for America’s nuclear weapons programme & domestic energy production.

Although Palin has been vying for this position for sometime it’s not because she wants to carry on the work Obama initiated in the development of solar power energy across America. No, Palin believes the DOE should be dismantled, quoted “If I were head of (DOE) I’d get rid of it. I’d let the states start having more control over the lands that are within their boundaries and the people that are affected by the developments within their states.”

This is far from just raping the country of her natural resources, destruction of the environment, or stepping back from renewable energies, but quite blatantly the enrichment of private energy companies who will have government consent to drill & frack where ever it is profitable to do so. It’s also an effort to maintain an oil economy while destabilising oil exporters in the Middle East.

By electing Trump you have raised Sarah Palin’s profile, she is now some kind of biological Nemesis T Type politician who believes in exploiting all of America’s natural resources, and the same woman who believes that Israel should never be second guessed if they were to attack Iran, which says enough about her view on Palestine.

James Comey will also have a room for when he’s on vacation, the FBI’s chief quick to ally with the candidate who promised to implement ‘stop & search’ policies and a future police state with more cyber surveillance power than Steven Spielberg could imagine. In fact America is now one terrorist attack away from the kind of ‘turnkey tyranny’ Edward Snowden lays awake at night worrying about.

The Swamp Tower penthouse will be taken by Trump’s National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a registered democrat who criticised the Obama administration after losing his position as head of the DIA in 2014. Flynn is very likely to take on a key role as Secretary of Defence in the Trump administration. The issue with General Flynn is he wants to lead America’s last crusade in the middle east, he wants an all out strike on Islam believing America are in World War Three with radical Islamists, and that America need to wipe out all Islamic Republics, in particular Iran.

John Bolton is already being tipped for Secretary of State, an ideologist who believes in putting American interests before the common good, an opponent of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Agreement, and also criticised Obama’s diplomatic opening to Cuba as an “ideological” decision & a betrayal to democracy. Where you might abide by Bolton’s deeply nationalistic politics you will have to admit it will be a long time before he picks up the Nobel peace prize. John Bolton is also a believer in the ‘ideological war’ and a proponent of General Flynn’s crusade in the Middle East. 
Newt Gingrich also buddied up with Trump & Pence early on, sipping a brandy over shared ideas such as creationism and the reliability of climate science. He is most likely to be nominated as the Administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency while it lasts. Gingrich fits in well with this Islamophobic administration having once described the Sharia religion as infiltrating American institutions and considers Muslims “a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States”.

Newt Gingrich views Muslims the way Hitler viewed Jews and will find a place in this coalition faster than Dr Strangelove finds a car space outside the war room.

Rudy Giuliani also ensured he has a suite in the Swamp Tower, his controversial ‘Stop & Frisk’ approach to tackling crime in New York has been keenly adopted by Trump as a national strategy. But it’s Giuliani’s latest comments on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests which has earned him a place at the supremacists table, calling the group ‘inherently racist’ & ‘’anti-American’. As Mayor of New York Giuliani also responded to the Sept 11 terrorist attacks by saying “The reality is we have to look differently at race in America”. How differently the administration will look at race only time will tell. Close ties with Trump might see him take the position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development if not Attorney General.

Former Goldman Sachs Group partner Steven Mnuchin has been recommended by Donald Trump’s transition team to serve as Treasury Secretary. The only way of describing Mnuchin in real terms is ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ times ten, to borrow a phrase or two. Mnuchin’s dealings include a partnership with the same George Soros that Republicans vilified throughout the campaign, a partnership which profiteered from the foreclosure of the homes of hard working Americans after the crash in 2008. Mnuchin will do everything to inflate the economy, giving Wall Street a licence to print money however they like, credit will become loose once again and America will become too big to fail, a Trump master class at avoiding creditors will be the forewarning of the next great depression.

Another resident is Steve Bannon who Trump has nominated as his Chief Strategist, or what you might call the Alt-Right’s Minister for Propaganda.

Bannon is the executive chairman of the notorious website Breitbart News, known for its efforts to preserve “white identity”, defend “western values” and oppose multiculturalism. The website has published headlines such as “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy” and “Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer?”

Other supporters of Trump include Chris Christie, but following his handling of the Bridgegate scandal he is unlikely to be hanging out by the pool. Christie’s former deputy chief of staff was convicted in federal court earlier this month along with former Port Authority executive Bill Baroni. They were charged with causing dangerous traffic tie-ups on the George Washington Bridge in September 2013 as political payback for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich not endorsing Christie.

Dr. Ben Carson is being eyed up for secretary of education, you could have guessed it, another creationist in the inner circle. It won’t be long before America’s underground movement will be hunted for opposing views that the world is flat and that cannibals in the Middle East eat their own children. The American inquisition will convict anyone who spreads ideas about climate change, evolution, or drawings of an orange Il Duce controlling America.

Carson is probably one of the most deplorable men to live on planet earth, completely out of touch with civil rights, equality, and global security. He has spoken out openly against religious freedom stating:

“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” he said. “I absolutely would not agree with that.”

He has also declared that he doesn’t believe in war crimes, stating that America should not fear prosecution for its actions abroad. He believes gayness is a choice, the big bang is a fairy tale, and compared women who terminate their unwanted pregnancies to slave-owners who “thought that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave.”

The basket is well and truly over loaded with these scary Alt-Right politicians who have formed a coalition of hate, in years to come our children will look back on the term Alt-Right the way we look back on the term Nazi’s. They will view creationists the way we view Hitlers idea of an Aryan race. They will view the persecution of Muslims the way we see the genocide of the Jewish people. Genocide doesn’t have to happen in concentration camps. Genocide will be the World War Three General Flynn wishes to conduct in the Middle East.

Americans will soon be divided by a police state, fear of imprisonment, deportation and apartheid. If Americans don’t carry on with Hillary’s fight now there will be a collapse in equality reform & freedom, we simply can’t give hate a chance. Ask yourself do you believe in Dinosaurs. Hold Trump and his basket of Deplorables accountable for their actions. You must resist the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic deplorables invading the White House.