NEWS | Admin eyes 5% tuition fee increase, adds ‘Testing Fee’ to Miscellaneous Fees

To address various institutional needs, Rev. Fr. Paulus Karmani, Vice President for Finance, revealed that the school administration is seeking for a 5 percent tuition fee increase to be projected this Academic Year 2017–2018 during the consultation meeting held on February 20 at the Audio-Visual Hall.

If approved, this will be the third time in a row that the institution will implement a tuition fee hike. In recollection, the institution had already implemented a 10 percent increase during the Academic Year 2015–2016, and another 4.4 percent this school year. DWCL also imposed a 12 percent increase during the academic year 2012–2013.

The accumulated increases implemented in the past years and the proposed increase for the next academic year have caused the tuition fee per unit for freshmen and sophomore students to balloon from Php 517 and Php 510.40 tuition fees during the academic year 2014–2015 to Php 624.75 and Php 616.35 per academic unit, respectively. Meanwhile, the incoming third year and fourth to fifth year students will also experience an increase of Php 26.60 and Php 25.65 per unit, based from the increase implemented this year. In turn, the cost per unit will become Php 558.60 and Php 538.65 for these students.

Highlighting the need for retaining school personnel, Accounting Office Head Rosanne Zenit explained that the 70 percent of the accumulated amount from the planned tuition fee increase would go to the salary compensation of the institution’s employees.

“This is a huge step for us to cope with the current inflation rates, cancel out the salary gaps between public and private institutions, and maintain quality education through retaining effective instructors and professors,” Zenit stressed.

Moreover, she stated that the remaining 30 percent will go to the school’s capital expenditures and operational expenses which include maintenance and repairs of school facilities.

Further, it was also announced that Testing Fee amounting to Php 150 will be a new addition to the students’ Miscellaneous Fees. Clucelle Moral, RPm, in behalf of Rev. Fr. Bernard Collera, SVD, Head of the Admissions, Guidance, and Testing Center (AGTC) explained that the said fee will be allocated for the Psychological Tests that the AGTC will administer starting next academic year.

“For the Grade School, Junior High School, and Senior High School students, two Psychological Tests will be administered per school year, each amounting to Php 150. The same rate will be followed for the College students, however, the two tests will be separately administered in each semester. If the student wishes to take more tests, he/she must settle an additional Php 300 for each test,” Moral expounded.

She added that the Psychological Tests are not exclusive for Divinians. The AGTC office is open to clients from outside the institution, however, the price will be increased to Php 800.

It was also emphasized that the students will be taking different psychological tests per year level to fully utilize their testing fees and to minimize the instances of taking the same tests over again.

“In fact, we have a total of 10 available psychological tests which are all ready to be administered next academic year, so the students will have a lot of options on what test/s to take for each semester,” Moral stated.

These tests are not necessarily a requirement by the AGTC, Moral responded as she addressed one of the queries raised by the student attendees, but considering that these tests are highly beneficial for the students’ self-awareness and personal development she stressed the necessity of this to be part of the miscellaneous fees. She even mentioned that the projected price range is already significantly cheap as compared to that of other facilities offering the same services.

“The purpose of the test [psychological test] is for a student to know his strengths and weaknesses. The test is not to put him down. The test is for the student to achieve his own personal development,” Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Alfante, SVD expressed in support.

Engr. Janet Naag, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Representative present during the consultation meeting, was also in favor of the implementation of the Testing Fee.

“These tests are a great opportunity for the students to better themselves in the psychological and social aspects. It is also good news for outsiders who might have the need to consult professionals in this area. They now have another place to rush to, plus the price offered is really client-friendly,” Engr. Naag affirmed.

The consultation meeting participated in by school administrators, deans and faculty, student organizations, and non-teaching personnel was carried out in accordance to CHED Memorandum Order №3 Series of 2012 which states that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) must conduct consultations with their student council/government, faculty and/or non-teaching personnel. As of press time, the Accounting Office is finalizing the requirements as necessitated by CHED.

By Khryza Beth T. Lladoc

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