Into The Night

Dance away! Dance to the wind,
Like the leaf that waltzes in the moonlight,
Like the ripples that harp into the night,
Dance to the trees of the night.

Moonbeams stream in pearly-white,
As mothers blow out their candles,
As cradles rock from side to side,
As tall tall trees whisper into the night.

Little hands point to the sky,
As they count twinkle after twinkle,
In the deep dark inky blue,
Hidden away in many a wrinkle.

Lullabies waft into the night air,
Waft into the wind kissed curtains,
Into the silver bathed branches,
Into the wooden rocking chair.

Is that a cricket I hear?
Or is that an old toad?
Or simply memories of the night,
I hold dear?

Dance away! Dance little one,
Like the pages of the forgotten book by the window,
Like the firefly between the leaves,
Dance! Dance to the wonders of the night.


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