3 Significant Things You Should Know About Post Accident Car Appraisal

No matter what car drivers expect or think, car accidents still happen. They occur many times because of the negligent driving of one or both the parties involved. The whole experience of car accident gets even scarier with filing an insurance claim. The stress and frustration is a lot to be handled by a person who has been into an accident without the assistance of independent auto appraiser. There are some important things about the car appraisal process after accident you should be aware of. This gain of knowledge will broaden your perspective about the opportunities to help your case.

The objective of appraising your car post-accident is to determine the fair value of your vehicle. Sometimes the cost of the repairs goes even beyond the car’s worth. On this, the insurance company will typically pay you what your car is worth as determined by the appraisal.

First step in the appraisal process after meeting the accident starts with the reporting of the accident to the insurance company. Nowadays auto appraisers reach the wreck scene to perform the appraisal. They will interview you to understand the circumstances under which the collision actually happened. While appraising the vehicle an auto appraiser tries to understand the extent of the damage to the vehicle.

3 points worth noticing to make your car appraisal process less stressful

1)Sometimes damage can be too severe that your car will be totaled. In case of total loss it is better to accept the payment rather than try salvaging your car as it will take a big bite of time and money from you.

2)By law it is your right to claim the insurance after accident. If you want the maximum amount to be given to you as accident claim settlement, show all the papers like receipts of improvements you have made to your vehicle. You can also hire an attorney to challenge the insurance company in court for justice.

3)You are opportune to hire an independent appraiser to prepare and present your case without any losses.

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