Chinese Mandrin 101: Why do you need to learn Chinese HanYu PinYin?

Do I have to learn Chinese PinYin?–One of the most common asked questions when it comes to Chinese Mandarin learning.

The Answer is: You don’t have to, but You better!

You don’t have to learn Chinese PinYin, but it is better for your language learning in the long-term process. As a beginner, you can just mimic the sound and mark it with similar English sounds to help you memorize the sound. You can totally do that when you just start. As you learn more, you’ll need to have a more official phonetic system to learn better and faster, that’s when Chinese PinYin comes handy. There are 3 benefits of learning Chinese PinYin


If you know PinYin, even though you don’t know how to write Chinese Characters, you can still write the sound with PinYin, and Chinese will understand what you write and what you mean. That is a big life saver because you know, Chinese characters can be very complicated and it is very time consuming to learn.


If you know Chinese PinYin, eventually you can learn Chinese by yourself. You can look up a word by PinYin in the dictionary.Pin Yin will become your tool of self-learning Chinese. It will enlarge your vocabulary faster and help yourself without having a Chinese teacheraround you. It is super useful!


PinYin includes Chinese tones, that is one of the most difficult parts for foreigners to learn, especially English speakers. If you master Chinese PinYin, you’ll be able to understand Chinese pronunciations and sounds better and it helps you practice it. With that said, you can see Chinese PinYin is critical for your Chinese learning!

So, it is a good idea to learn Chinese PinYin, if it is too much as a total beginner, you can postpone it, but keep it in your mind, it is a great tool and it’s definitely worth the effort for your Chinese study!

Please watch the video below on Youtube to learn the best way to memorize Chinese PinYin(Alphabet) Tones! It is the most tricky part to learn Chinese PinYin and I believe the video will help you learn Chinese Mandarin faster and easier!

Learn, Love, Live