Where to rent if you’re going to CSU Fort Collins?

Chip Daily
Sep 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Fort Collins seated in the scenic flat irons is the home of Colorado State University. It’s a vibrant small city with a population of 164,207 of which more than 30,000 are university students. So there is really great youthful energy about the place. With most residents being active participants in out door sports like trail running, skiing, rock climbing and all that.

Naturally, this is Colorado and that means that people don’t mind relaxing at one of the 100 breweries in this town (one of the highest per capita in the world) with a great local brew.

So where should you live and rent while going to CSU in Fort Collins? There are plenty of great options, so I broke down some summaries of the neighborhoods bellow for you to take a look at!


For student’s looking to get the total college town experience Ram’s Village is the place for you. The neighborhood is complete with pool parties, football rivalries, and great friendships. With out a doubt this is the best place for freshmen to live and meet their soon to be best friends for live. This neighborhood is located next to CSU’s campus, and is chalk-full of both part-time and full-time students. But, speaking from personal experience dorm life can get a bit old (and a lot pricey) so I recommend off campus housing for students that are done with their freshmen year.

Old Town is rad, it’s actually what Disney’s Main Street USA is based on! How’s that for scenic? Lot’s of cool little indie shops and business through out this neighborhood that balances quaint and vibrant perfectly. And when the sun goes down there are plenty of nocturnal activities to be had. Ton’s of cool bars and restaurants.

Just outside of Old Town’s parameter is the lovely City Park neighborhood which hosts a collection of historic homes that show off all the charm and beauty Fort Collins has to offer. City Park neighborhood sits comfortably around Fort Collins’ City Park and is just steps away from Old Town’s great restaurant, bar and shop scene. It really feels like you’re in a Rockwell Painting!

Just south of town, wrapped lovingly around Fossil Creek Park is the family friendly neighborhood of Huntington Hills. There’s easy access to all the amenities you’re family is looking for, from theaters, to shopping and dining. And of course the mountains and hills are just a hop and a skip away!

Want the small college town vibes, but still want to be able to get to work in Denver or Boulder in a timely manner? Well my friend, my commuter friend I think you’ll want to check out Harmony Crossing. It is a newer neighborhood that’s still just a quick walk from big-city shopping, dining, and much more! All while having easy access to to that artery of the front range, I-25

Fort Collins is also home to FoCoMX an awesome music festival that just went though it’s 10th year. There are over 300 performers featuring local favorites garage punk favorites The Sickly Hecks. The festival has done wonders for the local music scene, and takes place at over 30 different venues. Basically this is what SXSW was before it got played out and lame.

The 19th Tour de Fat just took place earlier this month, and though it is now in 6 cities it began right here in fort collins! Lots of bands and lots of food, and of course New Belgium beer!