By Ramya Chitturi, Lydia Lam, Zade Lobo, Diya Pathak and Merritt Vassallo

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First-time Voters Speak Up

“Should I post this? What should the caption be? Will this fit in with my feed?” These are just some of the many questions we, as teens, ponder constantly. Social media has always been a major part of our lives in connecting with our peers, favorite celebrities, and the world around us, especially during the pandemic.

But recently something has changed.

There was a time we would go on Instagram for important life updates from our peers: Sonia’s trip to Sweden, Ryan’s new boyfriend, or Karie’s argument with her friend group because she didn’t comment on their photos. But we don’t see Jennifer’s picture-perfect smoothie bowl anymore. Instead, we see posts pleading for petition signatures and infographics educating us on topics we’ve never heard about. Led by the Black Lives Matter movement and other crises around the world, we witness the voices who have been facing injustices finally being heard, inspiring an outpouring of allies advocating for change. …


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