Exploring Study Prospects in UK : Scholarship and Costs

United Kingdom, resultant of a political union between the kingdoms of England and Scotland and the birthing place of English Language and the majestic culture of kingship and monarchy has always been at the center of power and authority. Being the conflict place for religion and empires, revolutions and development, UK has emerged victorious so far every time to learn and grow out of its entire struggle and is now in position to become the global education house to impart its learning to the world in almost every subject field.

The home of Shakespeare and the eternal source of power and majesty, UK is now home to diversified culture and ethnicity. The influence of UK’s cultural aura over its colonies can be seen till date and thus there is no denying the fact that it can be termed as a ‘cultural superpower’. So does that make you want to go to UK for your higher education?
Well, a big yes!

UK enjoys a substantial superiority in the field of politics, military and industrialization being triggered around the globe from UK itself. Amalgamation of all the knowledge that UK has acquired over time along with the development and improvement of other cultures round the globe that it has helped in testifies for the education standard actually being one of its own.

In a bid to ensure that the deserving minds all around the world who aspire to pursue their higher education aiming for excellence and world class curriculum, the government of UK offers excellent scholarships to study in UK.

Question arises why actually there is a need for scholarship aids for students? Answering this question is not a herculean task because the state of the art infrastructure, basic high class amenities and the comfort of a putting up in a developed economy like UK does come for a cost making it quite expensive for international students who have the mettle to compete at global level but lack the finances. This is what drives the government and top universities of UK to offer a helping hand in the form of scholarships for study purposes.
Let us look at average study costs in UK:

  • Undergraduate Degree: £11, 400 per annum
  • Post graduate Degree: £12, 200 per annum
  • Doctoral Degree: £13, 000 per annum

That can be pretty expensive but quickly not forgetting the study scholarships, keep reading:

  • Chevening scholarships
  • Commonwealth scholarships:
  • Universities based scholarships: Gates Cambridge scholarships, Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford, Edinburgh Global Masters Scholarships, developing Solutions scholarships at University of Nottingham, University of Bradford Scholarships for developing countries in crisis, University of Westminster International Scholarships, Bristol University International Office Scholarships and many others.

So much for the higher education isn’t it? Let us look how you can enter into the royal borders.

A provision for student visitor visa persists for if you are above 18 years of age and aspiring a short 11- month duration English language course and extendable up to 11 months. If you are looking for a longer stay then don’t forget to ensure that your institution is listed on UKBA’s sponsors list and thus apply for the Tier 4 student visa.

The must haves for a successful visa application include the Confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) and sufficient finances for supporting your stay and the course fee. Along with that you are also required to be fully immunized with a documented proof before you enter the country while the UK border Agency officers will duly stamp your passport mentioning your duration of stay which you can definitely not extend.

Did you know that it is not just the scholarship programs that attract students internationally to UK, the Tier4 visa will allow you to work for a certain hours per week during your holidays but don’t forget that if you are a student visitor or prospective student visa holder then you will have to be a bit disappointed because in that case you are not allowed to work in UK.

The culture of UK is a beautiful mix of four countries of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England along with its influencing liberal democracy and the religious life.UK also happens to be a popular tourist destination with numerous specialties to look for like the Big Ben, London, Tea, Black cabs, Red Buses, fish and chips, Oasis and England being known for its premier institutions. Being a very polite and full of etiquettes, People in UK tend to be mindful of their own business when in public try to remain within their own spaces expecting other to respect it just as they do for others.

Giving the world the famous Beatles, your decision to fly to UK for your higher education is truly going to be by far proudly the best and memorable decisions of your life.

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