Which University in New Zealand Will You Enroll?

A place so serene in beauty and so magnificent in choices to study like New Zealand, is the right place to exercise your dreams. Every year, hundreds of international students visit New Zealand in the hope of boosting their career with the right amount of exposure and access. And indeed, the educational experience at universities in New Zealand is incredibly wide.

One cannot possibly imagine what leads to studying in a country like this. From top notch universities like University of Auckland, University of Otago, University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, and Massey University to adventure filled years with hiking, skiing, fishing and river rafting. Benefits of study in New Zealand Universities are many, but the best is the variety of subjects at certificate, diploma and degree levels. It’s a place where tailored subjects are available, yes it’s true! One can personalize the learning process at top 10 universities in New Zealand which increases their innovation and creativity preparing one for the new experiences lined up in the globalized world.

Also, the vibrant cities of New Zealand like Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch offer opportunities in sports, sources of entertainment, cultural fascinations and much more. In fact, with a list of universities in New Zealand and vivacious lifestyle, the country has been labelled as ‘top destination’ for two years in a row now.

Here is a tour to the five well-known universities of New Zealand

  1. Auckland University — Ranked at 1st within the country and at 92nd amongst the top universities in the world, the University of Auckland comprises of 8 faculties and 6 campuses holding more than 50,000 international students. Rightly placed in the heart of New Zealand — Auckland it has attracted largest number of students from abroad.
  2. Otago University — One of the oldest educational institutions in New Zealand, the University of Otago has driven 20,000 international students to choose vibrant courses from the ones offered here, in the second largest city of the country — South Island.
  3. Canterbury University — 3rd in a row in the country and 242nd in a row in the world, the University of Canterbury holds 15000 international students in its fine arts, commerce, forestry, social work and other departments.
  4. Victoria University — At 275th amongst the top institutions of the world, the University of Wellington has nine faculties in total attracting 20,000 international students in them.
  5. Massey University — Freshly built I 20’s, the university now holds an impressionable rank in the country with 35,000 international students in its 3 campuses.

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