How Serverless Computing will Change the World in 2018
Elliot Forbes

It’s too bad the author couldn’t even throw Google Cloud Functions in the mix. It’s sad to see how AWS with albeit great functionality but terrible developer UI/UX, dominates the industry. It’s reminiscent of craigslist and their once-upon-a-time dominance (in-spite of its abhorrent UI), thinking they could rest on the laurels and never innovate on UI/UX, and now look where they’re at compared to OfferUp/LetGo/5miles! It is my hope that Azure and Google (who actually care about developer experience), will one day overthrow the giant, though unlikely since developer’s have low UI/UX expectations, evidenced by opting out of AWS browser GUIs in preference of CLI interfaces. With how dated and archaic AWS systems look and feel (plus awful documentation that AWS itself admits to), it’s time for developers to demand more from their cloud provider, or switch to Azure/Google and show AWS that we as developers matter just as much as the CTOs that force us to use AWS!

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