How do you define a priority?

Not that long ago, someone close to me told me that I had my priorities mixed.

This concept of being told what a priority is was fascinating to me, because the very definition of a priority is “ a thing that is regarded or treated as more important.” This definition unarguably agrees that this term priority is subjective.

I disagreed of course because, in my eyes, my priorities were not and are not mixed up at all, they are just not yours.

Many times I see people change their priorities based on the influence of others. But then it would not even have been a priority because a true priority is determined by you, not anyone else.

I have put work above a lot: friends, family, even my own well-being at times, but never without good reason.

My aunt was in town this week, yesterday I left work a little early and went to bed as soon as I got home from spending time with her, knowing that I had still had work to get done. However, since I have not seen my aunt in a long time, I put my family above all other things going on.

Why? Because for those 4 to 6 hours the time I spent with someone I rarely see was more important than something that could be done the next day.

Priorities. They can’t be determined by someone else, nor can someone influence them, because then they weren’t priorities at all.

They were simply thoughts you had at a specific time.

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