Why Travel?

My Aunt was talking to me about how I should write something to encourage her to fly to Texas, little did she think that I really would.

But I am writing this for more than that reason, I think this is something a lot of people need to read. And it made the most sense to do this while I was 36,002 feet in the air…

I have been able to travel pretty often in my life thanks to cycling. It brought me from small towns that had less people living in it than this airplane is carrying, it brought me to riding my bike in mountains 10,000 feet up, it brought me the ability to learn and see from the rest of the world.

Traveling really is more than airport to airport, than city to city.

It is an opportunity to be spontaneous, to be yourself, to be something other than what is expected in your hometown. It is often we get so set into this normal lifestyle of the same thing every day that there is almost a fear of going elsewhere. When you do though, you are forcing yourself into a different situation.

You are able to go do your own thing, because no one knows you (depending where you go).

I remember when I used to go to New Jersey with my mom, I would act 10x sillier in public, because I didn’t care if anyone saw since I didn’t know them and probably would never see them again.

Now I do that no matter where I am…

You are also able to do trips like I regularly do; going somewhere for just one or two days. If you search hard enough, you can find tickets extremely cheap. I love the short trips, because it forces me to really make every moment count. There is no putting it off till the next day, when the next day you are leaving.

However if there is enough to do wherever you decide to go, stay longer, and enjoy every minute of just being gone.

I think th main takeaway is that going on a trip of any kind allows you to be free. It allows you to be you. You are able to go wherever you want to go and be whoever you want to be, without the concern of local family and friends judging you.

Take that random trip to Dallas or NYC, or LA, because you never know if you’ll be able to in a week, month, or year.

Quit living in the fear of what if I do, and start living in the moment of what if I don’t?

Originally published at www.chrisdegenaars.com on January 11, 2017.