The elderly couple

My aunt and her boyfriend have this painting hanging up in their dining room. On Thanksgiving, we began talking about it and the numerous interpretations possible for it.

Art is not like anything else in the world because it is open to interpretation. There is no right or wrong, black or white, left or right; there is just thought.

Are these just what seems to be two older adults who walk past each other on the street, but deep down they are energetic and youthful minds that are stuck in a body that limits its abilities?

Could they have met a long time ago, when they were both more filled with energy and optimism for life, but as both have become older their memories have faded and forgotten that they ever met?

Or could these be two complete strangers, who have never met or talked before, walking past each other not giving a second look to see that their soulmate just walked by? That had he introduced himself, their age would only be numbers, and they would bring out the happy, youthful, energetic person who has been locked away for all these years.

Imagine that these two were meant to pass each other at this time, on this day because together they are young.

At one time, these two older adults were young and full of energy and optimism about what the world has to offer. Over the years their bodies have aged, and although their minds are still filled with that youthfulness, they have been confined by the limitations of their age and body.

Alone we are confined, together we are optimistic.

Take the chance for happiness; you may walk past it on the street.

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