Freedom, Choice & The Insanity Of The 9–5 Rat Race.

When I’m asked what my definition of “Freedom” is, my answer is that it’s all about Choice.

If you’re waking up every day, putting on a shirt & tie, driving the same route, through the same traffic to the same job, to do the same work (or some variant of whatever is required for you to get paid), for a boss or company that requires you to be present for 8–12 hours, 5 days a week, with a 45 minute lunch break, to consume the same god awful canteen food, just so you can return to the home you can barely afford (through the same traffic), and pay your bills — all so that eventually you can take your allotted 2 week vacation (where you’re stressed about all the work piling up while you’re away), with the hope that some day you’ll save enough to retire and finally have some free time…

And you do this for 40 years!

Guess what? If that’s your life, you’re not free! You have no choice.

Sure, you can choose a different suit, or a new tie, or a new spot for your stressed-out vacation this year; but as long as you’re trading your time for money, your choices are limited — because you’re bound by a set of rules you didn’t write!

You’re living to someone else’s schedule. The company determines your daily routine. Your boss says come in at 7:00am; so you come in at 7:00am. She says stay late; so you do. Because she controls you — you’re bound by your employment contract — you give your time, they give you money.

Freedom comes when you make your own rules. When you seize back control of your life you create Choice. You can choose to start working at 7:00am, not because you have to, but because you want to. Because you Love what you do. And then you can choose to work late — or not.

You can choose to wear jeans, or shorts…or pyjamas! And work from home, or a Starbucks, or on holiday…

And you can take that vacation; stress-free. Anytime. Not just during your allocated window (when everywhere is crowded and expensive). You get to go whenever the hell you choose to.

When you work for yourself you create options. And when you build a business that leverages systems, technology and automation, your choices become exponential.

Suddenly there’s no 9–5. Instead you’re capable of earning 24/7/365 And it’s easier than your job ever was — because you’re in flow, on purpose, living with passion. And you have choice; you haveFreedom.

This is available to you now. Right this minute! Not in a decade, or in some far-flung Utopian future. Here. Today.

You just haven’t heard about it yet (until now). And you haven’t been given the opportunity to realistically bridge-across from where you are (in a job) to where you’d rather be — running your own business that supports a lifestyle of freedom, adventure and Choice.

Well, this is your opportunity. Now you’re aware that there’s an alternative — something better.

And now is the time to take the next step. To do the due diligence, to investigate, to learn, to assess, to choose. And to feel the relief that comes with the realisation that there’s a way out…

And that it is realistic for YOU to create a business — to become your own boss — a business that is driven by lifestyle, focussed on creating freedom. A business that gives you back control.

A business that gives you Choice.

Your path to freedom starts here; if you choose. What do you have to lose? Really? Tomorrow could be another routine day of congestion, mediocrity and sameness, or it could be the beginning of something new, exciting, bright…

Today is February 29 — a rare day. So perhaps it’s time to take rare action, to take a leap down the rabbit hole (blue pill or red). What have you got to lose? When what you have to gain is Freedom, Choice, Passion, Purpose, a life less ordinary — in fact, an extraordinary life. A life you Love.

You could slink out of bed again tomorrow, or you could leap out; inspired, invigorated and ready to change your life.

The choice is yours.

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