Fuck changing yourself
Jessica Semaan

Great piece! This reminds me of something I heard Bob Proctor say (and I’m paraphrasing) “You never really GET anything; You simply reveal more of what you already have.”

And isn’t that what change really is? Becoming more of what you already are. I think you’ve nailed the problem with so many “self-help” and “personal development” programs/books/course/audios — they set it up that there is something missing from you, something wrong, that you need to fix. And like you say, change never really happens because you’ve mentally already agreed that there’s something wrong with you — so the course doesn’t work! :)

Real change has to come from inside, and I think only happens when you realise that you ALREADY have 99% of what you need to be successful as a human being. Change is about unlocking the potential and shedding the bullshit stories / thoughts / programming that tell you you’re anything other than a magnificently powerful force.

Thoughtful work. Thank you for the inspiration :)

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