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I love talking about the things that are top of mind with my own law firm and this one is top of mind constantly.

When I talk about the starting a law firm roller coaster I mean those wild ups and downs you might experience on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.

I’m also talking about those wild swings in energy you have. Sometimes you are so jazzed to get to work you are getting up before the alarm and some days you are forcing yourself out of bed.

This podcast won’t help you eliminate those feelings entirely — I just don’t think that is possible. But it will help you get out of the lows faster and avoid letting that voice in your head ruin your game.

Here are the five ways to ride the starting a law firm roller coaster. If you want the explanation, listen to the show!

  1. Know there are ups and downs/twists and turns;
  2. Ride the highs;
  3. Get past the lows as fast as possible;
  4. Have perspective — we are not snakes;
  5. Be a pro.

That’s it. Pretty simple.

Oh, and if you don’t have time to listen, or you prefer to read, the transcript of the show is down below.


Christopher Small

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How to Ride the Starting a Law Firm Roller Coaster Transcript

Hey everybody welcome to episode 118 of The Art of Lawyering podcast, I’m your host Christopher Small. I’m excited to be here with you today. I was hoping to meet recording episode outside. It is crazy warm here in Seattle and I don’t know if that’s a result of global warming or luck or what but it is awesome. It’s like today, it’s like probably sixty five. On Monday, it’s supposed to be eighty five which is insane. That said, get a lot of weather. That’s on the outside.

So I am not going to go sit up on the deck and hang. So we’re just have to do this in my windowless, still rather than on or on the decorated office but that’s okay. Stuff will still be good for you guys. So let’s get to it though. Let’s just dive right in. Trying to keep it pretty short and sweet for you. Lot of content, lot of action items, a lot of heavy hitters so that you can go out there and take your business with your firm. I’ll give you a real short update about my firm.

I don’t know if you know this, but a month agom around mid April right now and I basically started CMS Law Firm all over again and things are going pretty well. I have several clients already, have leads coming in every day. Which is pretty awesome. All i’m doing your sort of following on things I’m talking about here the show. So, pay attention basically. This stuff works. This episode those inspired by the some of the feelings that I’ve had over the last couple of weeks and even the last sort of, not the last couple hours today but in the span of some several hours and I’m like gosh, I just had to talk about this because I know everybody feel this and go through this and it’s not something that a lot of people will talk about.

But the law firm start up roller coaster, what I really mean by that is just sort of the range of emotions that you feel on a daily or weekly basis from oh my god I’m going to fail to this is the best thing ever to the ups and downs of the energy levels. You know some days will be so ready to go and crush it and just get in there and do everything that you need to do and some days you just will not be feeling it. The energy you really sort of rises in a way that feel like sometimes. So I want to talk about how to deal with those things and be able to keep the high time and get rid of the low or make the lows just short as possible.

Sort of five things, five ways that you can deal with this, with these things or five perspectives to the take to help you move forward so let’s get to them. Number one, I think the first thing is just to understand that there are going to be ups and downs. You know, there are going to be twists and turns to this lifestyle. To this journey. If it was easy everybody would do it and everybody would be successful. But everybody is not. In fact most people fail. The ones that make it or the ones that are willing to push through the downs and get around those twists and turns into futile challenges. So just know that when you are feeling this way, when you are facing a challenge or an obstacle. To just know that that’s probably the journey.

And that the only way you’re going to be successful is to find a way to push through those things. Recognize that they are there and know that they’re only temporary. Know that you can push through them and then do it. I think, sort of being conscious of it, is have to battle because if we’re not then our emotions can start to run wild, can start to make rash decision and one bad decision compile on the other and pretty soon, I was probably we actually cannot get back from that thing. So that’s the first thing.

Number two, ride the highs. When you are in one of those areas of peak performance, of and that’s I’m from talking about here and talking about what they’re going to be in spurts. Of days and maybe even a week. Of time. When you are just so fired up. And you are so energetic. You know it’s one of those deals where you can’t go to bed at night because you’re so fired up to work on things. And you’re waking up early in the morning before dawn called off because you’re so excited to get your back out it. When you have those periods of time, make sure that you were just taking advantage of every single one moment that you have like that because that is when you’re really going to take care of business.

That is when the magic is going to happen. You know I’ve gone through that I can, and then the cool thing is and I think as you become more conscious of this, you will be able to know when these times are coming. Because that’s the kind of bubble up. And it certainly does with me because I can tell you that because there are times when so fired up i’m so ready to go. I’m kind of actually in the middle of one of those times right now. You know it’s one of those things where I have a million things that I want to do. And instead of feeling overwhelmed I’m feeling energized. I’m ready to take them on.

I know that I can only do so much today but gosh I’m so fired up. You know, that’s why I’m doing this podcast right now, I love talking about this stuff and be aware of your energy level and your perspective and take advantage of those things. Ok so, tip three, is to get past the lows as fast as possible. So, part of sort of being reflective and conscious of where you’re at and where your head’s at is understanding when you get one of those low points. You know you don’t have a lot of energy. You’re distracted and I often talk about the daily distractions of Facebook or things like that you just like you’re like you just can’t focus you know.

We all have those days too and the key there though is to not ride those lows out to try to get rid of them the fast you can. Couple ways to do that, are to a: just get up and take a walk, clear your head, listen to your favorite podcast like this and try to get some more motivation, try to listen to some success stories so that you can sort of turn that frown upside down. Another one is just to decompress completely. Take a day off. Take a half a day off or whatever it takes and is really get away from it. Don’t think about it. Don’t worry about it no more than a day though by the way. You can do this go watch a movie, just do something and sort of refresh your spirit. If you can do something active it’s probably even better. You know I like to go on the golf course or you can just go hit range ball or go play basketball, go to the gym.

Whatever that thing is for you just go do that but get past these lows as fast as possible. Kinda like when i get a cold, I don’t let it linger. I just take one day and sleep and i just bust it out, crush it. Number four, have perspective. Understand that we are not snakes and what i mean by that is I talked about this in the Law Firm Confidential podcasts. And what i mean by that is, we are not built and it’s impossible for us to actually take care and complete everything all at one time.

There’s another sort of thing which is ‘we nine women cannot get together and have a baby in one month’ You know it just doesn’t happen. And that’s the thing with your firm. You know you’re not going to start your firm tomorrow and make a million bucks this year. Just doesn’t work like that. You can make a million bucks in five years easily but what that takes is coming to work every day and doing the things that you need to do. Knowing that in five years, all that work are going to pay off and that in one year it’s going to pay off, and that in six months going to pay off. But knowing that today, the things that you’re doing may not really have any specific tangible result for that day. For example, this podcast, I’ve been doing this podcast for a long time. When i started, nobody’s listening, people listen now but that’s because I put the work in every day and the same goes with my firm.

You know put the work in every day. I’m making phone calls every day. I have two events today done during I’m doing my own happy hour and then I’m going to an event after that. It’s putting that work in every day. When you aren’t sure that things are going to happen but you know that these things are just built on fundamental business principles and they’re following a plan every day making every day your best day, will pay off for me in the end.

And then number five, is simply to be a pro. At some time, at some point in time you’re not going to want to do something, you’ve got to do it. At some point in time you’re not going to feel good and you just to push through it. That’s what being a pro is all about. That’s what being a successful owner is all about. The difference between the successful and the not successful is that successful people do the work. So just do the work. So, hopefully if you’re feeling any of these emotions or these feelings, having any of these highs or lows, hopefully has helped you get through that and if it did, Feel free to shoot an e-mail I’d love to hear from you. If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast please do and I wish you the best and I’m cheering for you.